Top 4 Wedding Dollar Dance Alternatives

Bride and Groom's First Dance courtesy of Lories Photography
For those who don't already know, the dollar dance is a long-standing tradition that entails having your guests each pay a dollar for a dance with you.  It is a topic that has received a lot of heat in the bridal blogging community.  To do or not to do?  That is the question.

While some brides consider the dollar dance a tacky tradition, finding it unnecessary to expect their guests to fork out more cash, a large portion of brides look forward to the tradition considering the money a great chance to help with honeymoon expenses.  If you ask me, I think guests don't mind forking up a dollar to help you out.  Afterall, what's a dollar in the overall scheme of things?  If you've happened along this blog post, then you are already searching for possible alternatives to your dollar dance.  So without further ado, I give you our top 4 picks for dollar dance alternatives that won't leave your little tootsies hurting in the a.m.

1) Dollar Dash - The dollar dash is possibly the #1 alternative among brides.  It involves having your D.J. play a song while you and your hubby run around like mad grabbing money from guest's hands.  Afterwards, each of you would count up how much money you made and see who came out on top.  Quick and to the point, this method is popular and an easy way to cover honeymoon expenses.

2) To The Highest Bidder - The 2nd best idea I've heard is a variation of the dollar dance.  Instead of dancing with every one of your 400+ guests, your D.J. auctions you and your hubby off to the highest bidder.  The guest that bids the highest gets to dance with you.  This way you are only dancing with one person instead of spending the whole night dancing with everyone.  You can still choose to dance with a couple more people afterwards so there are no hurt feelings.

3) Silent Auctions - Depending on how laid back the atmosphere of your wedding is, you can consider selling items or hosting a silent auction.  Items that could be sold to guests are glow sticks, shots, etc.  A word of caution though....selling items can leave guests with the feeling they are being pushed into spending money.  This can leave guests talking, and not in a good way.  Instead, if you want to sell items, consider hosting a silent auction where you set out special mementos that have meaning to your guests.  Your guests can then bid on items to help with your honeymoon expenses and not feel pressured to buy, buy, buy!!  And you may be surprised at just how much an old photo of the family will go for.

4) Be Creative! -  Other creative alternatives I heard among brides is to follow the theme of your wedding.  For example, if you're having an old Bonnie and Clyde type theme, consider "arresting" the bride and groom (have the maid of honor/best man escort the newylweds out of the reception in handcuffs).  Your guests would then post "bail money" so they will be allowed back into the reception.  A fun idea that will have guests laughing.  Whatever you decide, remember to have fun, be creative, and most of all...enjoy your new lives as husband and wife!

Happy Planning!


Image courtesy of Lories Photography


  1. We are in a recession can I hear $5 per dance? Lol

  2. It is interesting... I help manage a banquet hall in the SE and do not see this tradition too much down here. I grew up near Pittsurgh and remember it well! Iam nearing 60 and would be delighted to donate a dollar to dance with a bride! This has been a tradition I remember all my life. It is not tacky. Most adults know how hard it is to start out and enjoy the ability to help out a young couple. One variation on this I remember as a child was that you received a piece of cake after the dance. Those choosing to dance were the first to receive the wedding cake. I still remember giving all of my children the admission ticket.
    Overall, it adds some fun and gave me a few moments with the bride to give her my blessing!

  3. Thanks for the idea Tommy. First to receive cake....I love it. But then again, I love everything that has to do with sweets. Thanks for sharing. ~ Allie


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