Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas

Are you looking for a unique way to incorporate a Unity ceremony into your wedding as a symbol of ‘two lives joining as one’? There are endless ways to integrate your wedding theme, combine your family traditions, religion, or wedding colors into your Unity ceremony.

One increasingly popular unity ceremony includes the blending of colored sand, water, or beads with two or more small glass containers and one larger container. The unity sand ceremony begins after you’ve exchanged your wedding vows and rings. First, the bride lifts her small container followed by the groom and each pours their colored sand, water, or beads into the larger container symbolizing the blending of two lives. This also works well for couples who are bringing children into the marriage. Including your children in the unity ceremony will give them a sense of belonging and will signify the beginning of your new family.

The tradition of lighting a Unity candle has recently been modified to work in two situations. The first is for couples that want to stress their individuality and keep the taper candles burning along side the Unity candle showing that they are united, but also individuals. The second and more traditional candle ceremony includes the bride and groom blowing out the flame of their individual taper candle to indicate they are extinguishing their old lives to be united as one in marriage.

A wine blending ceremony includes a glass of white wine and a glass of red wine. The bride and groom drinks from each glass, then pours their wine together in a separate glass. The new mixture of wine will look like rosé and symbolize the blending of their hearts together to become one.

Consider inventing your own unity ceremony set either by altering one of the ceremonies mentioned above or take one thing from your individuality and blend it together. From personalized candles and vases to colored sand and beads, you are sure to create a treasured keepsake in remembrance of your commitment to each other.


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