DIY Conversation Starters Your Guests Will Love

Can I just say that I am simply in awe of the fabulous DIY wedding ideas that brides are coming up with these days.  Brides unite and keep the ideas coming because there is definitely power in numbers.  You will be well on your way to a fabulous wedding if these trends keep up the way they are (and believe me...they will only get better).  That being said, I had to share some of these ultra-creative guest ideas with our readers.  These 3 creative DIY wedding additions are sure to keep your guests entertained all night long and are the perfect conversation starters.

1) Pop Quiz...
Guest questionnaires about the bride and groom
Questionnaires about the bride and groom are a great way to include your guests in your wedding day and give them a way to interact with your other guests.  Include questions about you and your fiance in the form of a pop quiz, word search, crossword, table number, etc.  One couple took their "school themed wedding" to a whole new level by giving guests a pop quiz with a list of multiple choice questions (shown above left).  After the wedding, the couple mailed the graded test scores with their thank you cards.  Images courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings and

2) Photo booth guest books...
Photo booth wedding guest books
Vamp up the traditional wedding guest book by creating a photo booth scrapbook.  To pull this off, designate a friend or family member to take pictures of guests as they enter your reception and another to print the photos.  You can also have a photo booth set up with props for guests to take their own fun photo strips.  Guests can then insert their photos into your scrapbook and write special wedding wishes and words of wisdom to the bride and groom next to their photos.  Afterwards, as a special thank you, include copies of the photos in with your thank you cards.  Images courtesy of indiebride and Martha Stewart Weddings.

3) Personal Place Cards...
Personal place cards courtesy of Greg Lumley
Make your guests feel special and keep them entertained all night long by turning your place cards into personal name tags.  For each guest, create a place card/name tag using a photo that truly captures their personality.  Using some sort of image editing software (like Adobe Photoshop), insert each guest's name onto their personal photo place card.  Take your place cards to a local print shop and have them laminated.  Add a paper clip to each place card and now your guests will have a name card they can display all night long.  This ultra-creative idea will have your guests laughing and interacting with each other because they will all be curious about each persons "meaning".  While this idea will take some time and planning it is well worth the effort and will make your guests feel truly special.  This adorable idea is courtesy of the fabulous photographer Greg Lumley and his now wife Tiffany.  To learn more about their inspiration and to see more photos, visit

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  1. These are great ideas! I love the pop quiz idea, it's so unique! Thanks for sharing.

  2. hi. i love your pop quiz idea and the invitation. would you mind to share it please <3 kindly reply to my email add:

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