Ideas for Winter Wedding Centerpieces

The winter months will soon be here and Jack Frost will be nipping at our noses. It is time to start planning your winter wedding and thinking about winter wedding centerpieces. Winter weddings leave you with many color options. You can do the traditional red and green or silver and blue but really any color is expectable as long as you give it a little winter flair. Here are a few ideas for winter wedding centerpieces.

Flowers: Popular wedding flowers for winter weddings are roses, carnations, calla lilies, poinsettias and hydrangeas. With most of the flowers listed you can choose from a large color pallet and make beautiful flower center pieces. Red roses make the most beautiful centerpieces but can also be very expensive. Adding a few white and/or red poinsettias to your tables would be much more cost efficient and with a little ribbon or color stone accessories they can be the most gorgeous centerpieces.

Candles: Using candles of various shapes and sizes on a mirror or large plate is an excellent way to create a unique centerpiece. Candles add a sense of sophistication to any atmosphere and are also very romantic. Position your candles on your table and then you can add different color Christmas tree bulbs to the arrangement to give it a sense of whimsy and also add that winter feel.

Christmas bulbs: I love the variety available when using Christmas bulbs for centerpieces. For a winter themed wedding they would be a welcome part of any centerpiece. Just filling a glass bowl with different color Christmas bulbs can make lovely centerpieces. This is easy and economical.

Pine cones: Pine cones are also a great item to use for center pieces. You can add pine cones to your small trees, flowers or around your candles depending on what kind of centerpiece you decide to use. Placing pieces or pine branches, pine cones and holy pieces around a few small votive candles can make a dramatic and beautiful center piece that will keep your guest talking for weeks.

Pine Trees: I would love to walk into a reception hall that was completely decorated with Christmas trees. This is probably not in everyone’s budget. You can purchase small inexpensive pine tress for your tables and add decorations or simply spray them with a white coating and add twinkle lights. Adding a beaded snowflake ornament to your tree centerpieces can work as your decoration and favor. Simply add a card to each table asking your guest to take an ornament home with them and you have killed 2 birds with one stone.

No matter what centerpiece idea you come up with, just be sure to keep it unique to your winter wedding theme. Happy planning ladies!

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  1. You can also bleach large pine cones, place in a centerpiece with battery operated LED rice lights add some sparklies i.e. crushed glass like material, white glitter etc and make a beautiful centerpiece for next to nothing. Remember that anything that sparkles adds to the atmosphere. From the manager of a wedding venue


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