Tips for Personalizing Family Gifts

It is time to start making your list and checking it twice! There are less than 5 weeks to shop for all the holidays, not to mention even less time to place orders online. Luckily you can cross off several names from your list by giving a family gift. Family gifts are most appropriate for extended relatives, coworkers, and others you would like to give a simple and thoughtful gift to.  Some of my favorite family gifts are board games, baked goods, and personalized signs, frames, ornaments or boxes that have been printed with the family's name. The vintage sign shown here is a perfect example of a gift that can be hung in a family room for everyone to enjoy. 
If you are choosing to have a family name printed on a gift, there are few things you will need to consider. Ask yourself whether you are trying to convey the family's ownership over an item or make the family name plural. In the case of personalized gifts, the answer will usually be making the name plural. Here are several ways to solve the problem of pluralizing surnames for gifts or holiday cards.

  •   The basic rule of thumb is to pluralize by adding s to family names not ending in s, sh, ch, x, or z.
  • For names ending in s, sh, ch, x, or z you must add an es. This can sometimes look awkward, so it is also acceptable to simply leave the name as is.
  • Add an 's to show ownership (i.e. The Smith Family's Christmas Party)
  • If the name is plural or ends in an s already just the apostrophe. (The Sandersons' House)
  • Leave last names as is when the above rules result in awkwardness. Instead of putting The Matthewses' Home on their welcome mat, simply use The Matthews Home. You can create other phrases like The Matthews Family, Matthews Residence, Matthews Clan, etc.
  • If none of these solutions suit you, try using a single last name initial. The font will be the focus in this case, so choose wisely!
Happy Holidays!

~ Jenna

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