Winter Wedding Bouquet Alternatives

I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with good food and good company.  If you're an Xmas fanatic like me, than the minute the sun broke the horizon on Friday morning, you too were awake setting up your Christmas decorations.  Every year I try and outdo myself with new and inventive ways to decorate around the house.  This year I glued pinecones to ornament hooks and spray painted them gold to add to my rustic decor.  While setting up my poinsettia centerpieces, I couldn't help but think they would make adorable winter wedding bouquet alternatives.  Don't you think?  But of course why would I stop at just poinsettias...what would be the fun in that?  Just for you, I put together my top picks for winter wedding bouquet alternatives.  Enjoy!
1) Feather Fabulous
Feather Bouquets via Emplume
Simply chic.  What else is there to say?  Made completely of feathers with bejeweled accents, have one made in snowy white for that ice princess feel.  These lovelies are complementary of the ladies from Emplume.
2) Pinecone Rustic
Pinecone wedding bouquet via
For the rustic bride, pinecone bouquets are perfection.  Start in advance and this bouquet alternative can turn into a fun and easy DIY project.  Add wintry flair and sparkle by spray painting silver, gold, or glitter onto your bouquet.  To learn how to create your own, check out this tutorial from used to create the bouquet above.
3) The Hand Muff Bouquet
Childrens hand muffs via Etsy
Fabulous.  Winter hand muffs keep you and your bridesmaids warm and stylish.  And they will look amazing in photos.  This idea is one of my favorites because it truly captures the winter season in a unique way.  Better yet, they double as great bridesmaids gifts too.  Pair with warm and cozy slippers for the perfect gift set.  The children's hand muffs above are courtesy of Etsy and can be found here and here.
4) Bling Bling
Heirloom jeweled wedding bouquet via Etsy
Why limit all your sparkle to just your wedding dress when you can have an entire bouquet made from glittering rhinestones.  Glistening just like the snowfall.  Make entirely of gems and jewels, this bouquet will sparkle all the way down the aisle.  I especially love the rhinestone bouquet idea because it will last forever.  Truly an heirloom quality piece that can be passed down.  Heirloom jeweled bouquet courtesy of Noaki of Etsy.
5) The Pomander Snowball
Pomander Kissing Ball Bouquets
Mimic the snowball fights from your childhood with our number 5 bouquet idea...the pomander snowball bouquet.  This idea takes the traditional flower bouquet and mixes gives it a unique twist.  Have each of your bridesmaids and flower girl carry these snowballs down the aisle to capture the feeling of winter.  Pair with a traditional rose brides bouquet for the perfect complement.  Pomander snowball bouquets courtesy of Etsy and The Knot.

Happy Planning!

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