Creating A Classic Christmas

The Holiday season is a time to reflect on the events of the year and reminisce about holiday seasons past. It is a time for comfort foods and traditions, a time when the faintest scent of baking cookies and the twinkling of lights can send you back to the magical time of childhood. This year take advantage of the stage the season has set for you and give your guests a truly classic Christmas.
Your party decorations will be essential in creating the mood for your party. Bring everyone back to a simpler time by using as much natural or homemade decor as possible. Make planning for the party a family adventure by venturing into the woods for pine cones and evergreen branches. These will look beautiful on a colorful table cloth surrounding adorable cabin centerpieces made from lincoln logs. Add chalkboard place mats and decorate with non-toxic chalk in a holiday theme with your guest's name to keep with this fun and innocent theme. Because this is the time of year where childishness is actually a good thing, get crafty with paper snowflakes and colorful paper chains. In the days leading up to the party you can cozy up on the couch and watch some holiday movies while stringing popcorn and cranberry garland. This natural garland will look fabulous on your tree, mantle, or draped strategically around the room.
As your guests arrive and throughout the evening, have classic Christmas music playing quietly in the back ground to keep everyone in the spirit. Play up this "Christmas Magic" theme by encouraging everyone to bring a gift for a white elephant exchange that is inspired by their most treasured childhood Christmas gifts. Later everyone can play vintage games like Twister, Password, and Pictionary. Choose games that keep the conversation flowing and encourage everyone to participate. When our family does this the laughter is contagious and we come away feeling like we bonded a little bit more with the family members that we don't get to see as often as we would like.
Consider the traditions from your own childhood and ask your guests what traditions mean the most to them. Use these as inspiration to make one more memorable holiday for old and young!

Happy Holidays!

Photo Credit:Popcorn garland from A Very Country Christmas, Cabin Centerpiece courtesy of Real , Chalkboard Placemat from Live Simply Live, Pine Chair Sashes from Pink, Paper Snowflakes from Good, Night Before Christmas Paper Chains from Ormolu

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