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ice cream sundae dishes
As the winter months drag on, shift your mind to warmer thoughts. Are you searching for a unique idea for that spring or summer bridal shower? How about an Ice Cream Social theme? For all you girls out there who can recall spending more than one evening of their lives curled up with a pint of Ben and Jerry's, this bridal shower is right up your ally. Follow this recipe for a sweet shower that you and your guests will surely enjoy.

ice cream cone balloons, garland, invitations
Kick off your ice cream themed bridal shower with do-it-yourself invitations shown at right. Use card stock and bakers twine to create adorable ice cream cone invites. If you can, throw your party outside and decorate your venue with whimsical ice cream cone garlands, balloons and centerpieces made from balls of yarn and sugar cones, as seen below.

Start your shower off with a light and tasty lunch with a 50's diner feel. Mini slider burgers and mini grilled cheese sandwiches are perfect paired with an ice cream treat to follow. Include appetizers like French fries and onion rings served in cone-shaped holders.
mini slider burgers, french fry cones
Your Ice Cream Social shower would not be complete without a self-service ice cream sundae bar. Your bar should include ice cream, of course, stick to the basic flavors like vanilla and chocolate and let your guests go crazy with the toppings. Place containers of ice cream in galvanized steel tubs filled with ice.

Ask each of your guests to bring in their favorite sundae topping, be sure to provide the essentials like chocolate syrup, caramel, chopped nuts, sprinkles and whipped cream. Other great toppings like Oreos, crushed candy bars, marshmallows, brownies and fruit will surely be appreciated. Don't forget the cherries! Place toppings in old fashioned glass jars or waffle cone bowls for a nice presentation. Have your guests create their sundaes in old fashioned, tulip sundae glasses for a retro touch, or waffle cone bowls for a less expensive option. Because nothing goes better with ice cream than cake, include in your menu cupcakes made in sugar cones, frosted like ice cream.

 yarn cone centerpieces, ice cream flavors, cone cupcakes, waffle cone bowls

What would a bridal shower be without games? Keep your theme going with an ice cream sundae building contest, blindfold optional! Pair guests up and blindfold one, the blindfold-free partner will direct the other in building their sundae. Pair this game with other traditional bridal shower games. Give out ice cream themed party favors and prizes like neat ice cream scoops or collectible ice cream dishes or bowls.

You don't have to wait until spring or summer to celebrate with an Ice Cream Social Bridal Shower, ice cream is appreciated year round. Throw your party indoors and you will have your guests looking forward to warmer weather. This Ice Cream Social theme would also work well for engagement parties, couples showers, afternoon wedding receptions, and weekend wedding festivities.

So grab a spoon, you might need to start practicing for that sundae building contest!


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