How to Dress Up Your Holiday Drinks

If you’re like me and you are always trying to think of new and fun way to spice up your holiday parties, think drinks. Here are some great tips for dressing up your holiday drinks at your next get together.

Accessorize: By adding a candy cane to a cup of hot chocolate or some cranberries to a glass of champagne you have added a truly festive feel to your beverages. Colored sugar is another great decoration for your glasses. Add red sugar to the rim of a green apple martini to give your drink a little pizzazz.

Personalized Cups: What better way is there to say Happy Holiday but by saying it right on the cup. Order personalized cups with a holiday message for your friends and family. This is fun way to spread the holiday cheer and your eggnog will never look better.

Ice Cubes: My favorite way to dress up your holiday drink would be with ice cubes. Try freezing some mint or cranberries inside the ice to add color to your drinks. Another fun idea is to freeze colored water in holiday candy molds. You can pick up some Christmas tree candy molds at your local craft store and fill them with green water. Once they freeze you will have Christmas tree ice to add to your holiday drinks.

These are just a few easy ways to add holiday cheer and impress your guests!


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