How to Plan a Fairy Tale Wedding

Fairy Tale Wedding Carriage

The headlines are booming with tales of Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton. What Bride doesn’t fantasize about having her own Fairy Tale Wedding? This could be easier than you think. Here are some tips for planning your own Fairy Tale Wedding.

What to Wear: Choose a ball gown style dress for your wedding. A fairy tale bride should be ready to go all out. Also select a beautiful tiara with a floor length view. The shoes of course must be gorgeous. Look for something with rhinestones to give your look that Cinderella feel. Don’t hold back on the accessories either, you should consider gloves and lots of bling.

Invitations: When I think ‘Fairy Tale’, I think royal scrolls. How lovely your invitations will be presented to your future guests in a scroll. Another great idea is using a wax seal for your invitations. This will also give your invitation that whimsical fairy tale feel.

Cinderella Theme Wedding Accessories CollectionLocation: The best place to hold your wedding would be in a castle but we don’t all live near castles. Do your research. A lovely ball room will be appropriate and can be transferred into a fairy tale scene easily by adding a lot of draped fabric, flowers, candles and glitter.

Decor: Dress up your wedding with Fairy Tale accessories. A lovely guest book and pen set. You can also find carriage shaped card holders for your reception and castle shaped place card holders. Don’t hold back, this is a fairy tale wedding.

Royal Coach Design Mint Tin Favors
Favors: Who could resist a beautiful carriage shaped candle favor or a castle shaped book mark. I also love the glass slipper favors, though they my not be appropriate for your gentlemen guests. You could also use the Royal Coach Design Mint Tin Favors which would be practical for everyone.

Now that your head is spinning with fun ideas, get our there and start planning. Don’t forget ladies that when you wish upon a star, your dreams do come true!

Royal Coach Design Mint Tin Favors

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