Time for a Tea Party Wedding!

 Little girls have always loved playing dress up and usually they are dressing up for either a wedding or a tea party. Now, as grown ups we know sometimes we have to choose, but sometimes we get to have it all! Your wedding day is one of those times. A tea party wedding theme is a dream come true. Draw your inspiration from those childhood dress up days, a little Alice in Wonderland whimsy, a dash of vintage and Victorian refinement, and the lovely wedding dress designs by Carolina Herrera (shown left) to create a tea party fit for a queen.
This theme is wonderful for breezy spring and summer outdoor weddings, but could also be set indoors at a bed and breakfast or some other intimate venue. A tea party theme wedding can also be incredibly budget friendly. Your guests will simply think you are 'in the know' with the 2011 wedding trends, where smaller weddings and inventive seating will play a huge role. Keeping the guest list small will keep your wedding cozy and let you play around with the seating. Your wedding and reception could be in the same venue (think garden), with guests taking their seats at the tea tables for the entire event. Consider a ceremony in the center of a circle of seats or tables that will keep guests feeling like more than just observers on your day. 
Food and favors can help you set the tone for your day. With Alice inspired favors and small "drink me" and "eat me" signs on cups and plates you can create a wonderland. With tea tin favors, posh cucumber sandwiches, and antique tea cups you can have a Victorian atmosphere. To create the feeling of little girls playing dress up, choose overlarge decor to create the feeling of a child playing in an adult world. Provide guests with costume jewelry, hats, and gloves or invite them to come in their own. One of my favorite ideas is to serve your wedding cake as cupcakes in antique inspired tea cups that guests can take home. Other tea themed favors are tea caddies, tea cup candles, and  tea infusers. As always, be creative and don't be afraid to try new things. It is your day, so what you (as a couple) like is what counts the most!
Happy Spring! (yes, I know it is December... but let's think warm thoughts!)
Photo Credit: Caroline Herrera gown courtesy of Coutorture. Teacups courtesy of Bride. Tea Party sandwiches courtesy of Intimate Weddings.

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