A Recent Letter From One of Our Customers

I had just returned from a business trip - searching for new and unique products for our clientele - yesterday.  I opened my email with over 400 new emails to scan and read.  Out of those 400 plus emails, one stood out from the rest.  This email was from a recent customer of My Wedding Reception Ideas.

I am proud of this email for I consider emails and letters like this a reward for our daily efforts in giving the best customer service possible to our clients and it comes from the heart, every day!  I invite you to read the letter from this customer and my reply to her as well.

From Helene of Los Angeles, CA - Order #74101

I would like to applaud you on the customer service that your company provides, specifically Carrie. I was looking for a company to custom imprint some napkins for me and happened upon your company after a Google search.

I was fortunate to luck out with Carrie on the other end of the phone.  She could not have been more gracious and helpful.  She went out of her way to guide me through the process and came up with a perfect solution to my problem.  She took the time to offer me various options back and forth even though there was no benefit to her for doing so.  She truly epitomizes what customer SERVICE is all about.  I am totally thrilled with the final product and your prompt turn around time.  Carrie has created a lifelong customer and I will direct everyone I know toward your site.

I thought you ought to know what a great job she is doing to further your sales. Customer service isn't dead after all!

Thank you for the great service!'

Los Angeles, CA

My Reply to Helene:

'Hello Helene,
I want to thank you personally for taking the time to recognize Carrie and our customer service.  Letters from customers like you make everything we do worthwhile. It is so gratifying when someone takes the time to say 'thank you' and recognize our efforts.  We truly mean it when we say 'your satisfaction is our greatest reward'.
Carrie came to our company in April of 2009 and is a valuable asset to our company and our customers!  Carrie truly enjoys working with our customers and takes her responsibilities to heart.  It is hard to find great customer services representatives these days but we don't give up looking until we find 'the right people' to take care of our customers.
I tell my staff "you represent me and my ideals when you are talking to a customer" and Carrie certainly does represent my passion for taking care of every single one of our customers.  While you worked directly with Carrie, I can assure you that you will get the same attention to detail from any of our staff.  If you don't, I want to be the first to know about it.
Carrie's performance review is due soon and your letter will certainly be included with her review.
Thank you again, Helene, for your kind words.  We are going to place your letter on our website for all to read.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in the future.
Best Regards,'

Raymond Miller

My Wedding Reception Ideas.com

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