Romantic Ideas for the Bride and Groom Gift Exchange

The tradition of the bride and groom gift exchange is a sweet way to convey how you feel about your significant other. This is the person who is most special in your life and the small moment in which your gift exchange occurs is one you will treasure always. I think the most romantic gift exchanges are the ones that take place the morning of the wedding. In the midst of the hustle and bustle the bride and groom, getting ready in their separate spaces, each take a moment to read a love letter from the other and open a special gift. Just make sure you let your future husband know that this gift exchange will take place. He may not be up to speed on wedding trends and traditions.
The gifts you exchange could be anything, though traditionally they are small sentimental ones. Jewelry for the bride to wear on her wedding day is one example of a gift a groom could give to the bride. The bride could, in turn, give her groom cufflinks that have been personalized with his initials. My gift to my husband was a personalized flask and zippo lighter set that was engraved with our last name initial. He loved it! Pair it with a cigar and a nice liquor for him to enjoy during the reception. (Don't forget the lighter fluid like I did!)

One idea I particularly adore is the fingerprint jewelry trend that has been generating talk lately. For this the bride and groom each have a ring made with their fingerprint pressed into the inside of the band. You would wear the ring with your new husband's fingerprint and he would wear the ring with your's. If he isn't the ring type of guy, you can also have cufflinks and other trinkets made with your fingerprint. I love the symbolism behind it and the idea that your significant other is always touching you. This is an idea that can also be incorporated into the wedding bands. The fingerprint rings shown at the right can be found on etsy.
Another gift idea I love is a picture calendar created with photos of the happy couple. A lot of print companies, like shutterfly, that make photo calendars like the one shown here will also allow you to highlight specific dates throughout the calendar. This would be the place to put reminders of your first date, the first time you held hands, your first kiss, and your first anniversary!
Other fun things to include could be their favorite cookies or candy, a favorite wine to enjoy on your wedding night, or some sweet shades to wear on the beach you are heading to after your reception.
Don't forget to include a love note telling your love why you chose the gift for them and how much they mean to you. This is the best part of the gift!


Photo credit: Bride and Groom embracing from Cheyenne Schultze Photography.

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