Wedding Welcome Bags Say a Very Special Thank You

While there are some couples that relish in the idea of a romantic elopement at an exotic faraway destination, a large majority of us wouldn't miss the chance to share our biggest day with our closest friends and family members (Not to mention my dear old mom and dad might be forced into physical violence if their only daughter ran away to Tahiti.  Dare to dream).  All joking aside, your wedding day is your chance to shine and really would not be complete without close friends and family members to celebrate with.

I've been seeing more and more couples cater their wedding planning efforts towards their guests, splurging on items like the food, drinks, the DJ, and guest favors.  Planning your wedding around your guests really shows them how much they are appreciated and ensures that everyone will have a good time on your big day.  When you're planning all those little details, don't forget about the friends and family that traveled from far away to be with you.  Personalized welcome bags are a great way to say a special thank you to those individuals.
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Fill your wedding welcome bags with itineraries, maps of the area, late-night snacks, and water bottles.  Other great filler ideas are travel sewing kits for popped buttons and regional gifts that are known for your location (ex/ Maple syrup bottles for Vermont, caramel apples for The Big Apple, fleur-de-lis favors for New Orleans).  Most hotels are very accommodating to their bride and grooms.  To take the task of staging the hotel rooms away from you, ask the hotel staff if they will set a bag in each room so your guests are greeted with their goodies the moment they arrive.

Happy Planning!

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