St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

St. Patrick's Day Party Decorations
 St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and if you are anything like me, you love nothing more than a green beer and a room full of Irish cheer. Here are some fun ideas for your St. Patrick's Day celebration.

 Corned beef and cabbage
Green food coloring for your beer and other drinks is a must. Also try freezing pieces of clover inside the ice cubes for mixed drinks and other beverages. Go green with your menu. Spinach dip, asparagus wraps, guacamole and green frosted cupcakes are just a few things to consider.  Nothing beats corn beef and cabbage for a St. Patrick's Day party which is not only traditional but delicious.

green beer and party hatsFor the fun party planner, pass out green beads, kiss me I'm Irish pins and green party hats as your guest enter. This will be a fun way to get the entire party in the spirit of the event. Another fun idea would be to make signs of traditional Irish toast and hang them on the walls or above doorways for your guest to read. Here are a few to get you started: 'May the winds of fortune sail you, May you sail a gentle sea. May it always be the other guy who says, 'this drink's on me.' and 'May you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience, and enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint!'

Personalized Irish themed beer glasses Ireland is rich with ivy so this too would be a great decoration. You can hang ivy around you door ways and windows to bring the green inside for your St. Paddy's Day party. Don't forget to also include Irish themed beer mugs and glasses for your guest to drink from. Another great idea would be including personalized napkins and cups. You can have them printed with an Irish design or saying and your guest will be talking about them for months to come.

 Now let's add some fun Irish music. You can locate Irish themed party music online or at your local party store. This will be another great way to get all of your guest into the theme of the party. There is nothing better than a house full of guest singing 'Danny Boy'!!

I hope I have gotten you excited and ready to plan your own St. Patrick's Day party. Have fun and be creative.

Owl Always Love You...Wedding Inspiration Board

Horned Owl Antique Silver Necklace via Etsy
Owls are back in a big way.  I urge all our fellow readers to jump on the owl bandwagon with me because this is one of the most adorable wedding themes I've seen in a while.  Besides being too cute, owls hold that feeling of mystery and wonder.  This theme would be perfect for pairing with softer earth tone wedding colors like the rustic browns and pale yellows seen below.

To put this 'Owl Always Love You' wedding theme together, incorporate items like sliced firewood for rustic table centerpiece bases and old stacked books to bring in the age-old wisdom symbolism.  Be sure to stamp all your stationery with owl images including your table numbers, invitations, favor bags, and wedding napkins.  Most importantly, remember to have fun with it.  This is a theme full of whimsy and is meant to showcase your personality and creativity.
Owl always love you owl themed wedding inspiration board Owl always love you owl themed wedding inspiration board Owl always love you owl themed wedding inspiration board

Happy Planning!

Credits: Row 1, 2, 4, and 5: Bridal top hat, owl cake, groomsmen, yellow roses and owl on glasses by Whitney Lee Photography.  Row 3: Owl beer via Cute Hoots and owl favor bag from Paper Moon by Kat of  Row 4: Horned owl pendant from Morikaty of  Row 5: Wedding dress via Our Labor of Love. Row 6: Book image by Studio B. Row 7: Table centerpiece via

How to Incorporate the Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme

Cherry Blossom Branches in Large Vase
For the Chinese the cherry blossom is an omen of good fortune and is also an emblem of love, affection and represents spring. It is a very popular and beautiful spring wedding theme. Brown and pink have also become one of the hotter trends in wedding colors, which is a great match to the cherry blossom theme. The cherry blossom theme does not have to be pink and brown. There are many different spins you can put on this theme. Here are some tips to get you started.

Cherry Blossoms Wine Glass Shade CenterpiecesInvitations: Because of the popularity of the cherry blossom it is extremely easy to find save the dates and wedding invitations with this theme. Doing a quick Google search should give you many options to choose from. Also check with your local stationary store.

Decorations: For centerpieces a simple cherry blossom branch in a tall vase would be beautiful and dramatic. Another idea would be to use the cherry blossom wine glass shade. They are not only gorgeous but they can be used again and again for other occasions. Don’t forget to add paper lanterns to the reception hall to give your d├ęcor that hint of an Asian theme.

Personalized Cherry Blossom Fans with Bamboo Handles
Favors: I love the personalized cherry blossom hand fans. This is not only a lovely favor but they can be very useful if it is a warm day. The cherry blossom coasters are also a nice favor and something that your guest will actually use at home. For the bride that loves do it yourself projects, you can give mason jars of cherry jam with personalized labels.

Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding CakeFood: Serve a pink cocktail such as pink Champaign or incorporate a cherry in a signature drink. It would also be fun to add cherries to your menu. A nice cherry sauce over stuffed pork chops or a salad with cherries would be a few ideas. Ask you caterer for more ideas and tips. Of course, don’t forget the cake. A tall wedding cake with cherry blossoms down the side will be the perfect touch.

The above ideas should get you started down the right track if cherry blossoms are a theme you are interested in. Good luck.

Honey and Pecan Color Palette for A Wedding that is Truly 'Meant to Bee'

Create a warm color palette for your casually elegant outdoor wedding with rich tones of honey, goldenrod yellow, and pecan brown. This palette when combined with a subtle honey or bumble bee theme creates the feelings of being outdoors on a sunny summer day. Guests will love little hints at your theme here and there. A bumble bee brooch in your wedding bouquet, honeycomb inspired invitations, and pure beeswax candles are few ways to incorporate your theme without going overboard. Milk glass vases, which can be found with a little creative thrift store and attic shopping, are a beautiful accent that gives your event just a little more elegance than the popular mason jars. Fill your vases with beautiful golden yellow roses for a simple centerpiece. At the end of a beautiful night, send your guests home with a decorative jar of natural honey complete with a gift tag and a personal thank you message. For more inspiration, soak up the sunny images below!

Photo Credit: Honey and Granola Gift Box by Design'Sponge, Save the Date by Heather Jeany, Bumble Bee Wedding cake by Maggie Austin Cake, Honey and Wheat Dresses by Martha Stewart, Bees Wax by Gfits from the Earth, Beeswax Candle by My Wedding Reception Ideas, Paper Bag Honeycomb Invitation couresty of Australia Entertains.

"Fathers" of the Bride...Incorporating Multiple Parents into Your Wedding

With more and more couples having divorced parents that are remarried this day in age it is often difficult to fit everyone into your ceremony and assign the typical duties. It is important to know that traditions are changing and there are no set rules on how to deal with your extra family members. Just remember it is your day and everyone will respect how you choose to handle things.

The father of the bride plays a very significant role in a girl's life and on her wedding day he is especially important. He has a number of roles and duties to fulfill such as walking you down the aisle, sharing the father daughter dance and sometimes hosting your wedding day festivities. Now what do you do when you have two fathers (a father and a stepfather) that play an important part in your life? Or you have a stepfather that has stepped in to fill the place of an absent biological father. Here are some helpful suggestions and ideas to ease your worries about your dad dilemma.

One thing many brides are concerned with is how to write their wedding invitations when divorced parents are hosting or helping pay for your special day. Here are a couple ways to handle this situation.

Wedding invitation format

When deciding who is to walk you down the aisle, know that this is your decision and there is no right or wrong way to do this. Choose whomever you feel is right. If your biological father has always been a part of your life and you wish for him to walk you down the aisle, don't hesitate to let him, your stepfather will understand. If your stepfather has truly been the one who has raised you and filled the father role, have him walk you down the aisle. It may not be as clear cut as this and to prevent hurt feelings there are some alternatives. If both your father and stepfather have been significant in your life and you want to share this special moment with both of them, then have them both walk you down the aisle, one on either arm. Or you can have your stepfather walk you halfway down the aisle then hand you off to your father to walk you the rest of the way. If you cannot decide who is to walk you or you don't want to upset anyone, another option is to have your mother or a brother walk you. A bride always has the option to walk down the aisle alone as well.

You may be having the same issues of what to do about the father daughter dance. If you wish to share this moment with both of these special men in your life, consider picking two different songs to dance to with them. Pick a song that is uniquely special to each of them. Another option is to pick a longer song and dance with your father during the first half and finish the song with your stepfather or vice versa.

It is a sensitive situation handling decisions about multiple parents at your wedding. Discuss the roles you wish for each parent to play on your wedding day with them individually. Don't stress about it, there are plenty of ways for your loved ones to feel important on your wedding day. Above all else, they want you to be happy on your big day and will understand the choices you make.
Credits: Father and Daughter Image, Wedding Invitation Formats from On Paper

E-Vite vs. Invite....The Do's & Don'ts of Techsavvy Wedding Planning

The time's they are a changin' and with the Facebook age comes the ever growing e-vite or not to e-vite?

As old as weddings themselves, wedding etiquette has played a role in the wedding planning process.  Who pays for what, who gets invited, what comes first?  These are all questions that have answers and rules to live by.  As we continue through the 21st century and as Twitter updates and FB posts become more and more popular, these rules are changing and are no longer set in stone.  But where does a person draw the line?  To help techy brides and guests with their wedding experience, we have put together this collection of do's and don'ts.

Happy Planning!

Be Creative with Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are a classic venue that will never go out of style. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect beach wedding.

Welcome guests to your hotel with gift bags full of goodies. Insert brochures with important information about the wedding and also the location where your guests are staying. Other smart things to include are sun block, bottled water, snacks, inexpensive sunglasses and other fun little tokens of appreciation.

For your ceremony add shell accents to your pearl studded ring pillow and garter. Also, in lieu of a unity candle ceremony, a sand unity ceremony is the perfect finishing touch.

Complement your theme at your reception with the lovely porcelain starfish cake topper shown below. Add simple touches like beach themed toasting glasses, and natural shell place card holders. Give your guests gel candles with sea shells and starfish inside so they can feel like they are taking a bit of the ocean home with them. Other favor ideas include sand art in small bottles, treasure chests full of pretty candy, and sea shell shaped soaps.

For a fresh take on beach weddings, my imagination has been whisked away by the fairy tale wedding trend and I am inspired by stories of mermaids in glamorous tiaras and strands of pearls. Apparently I'm not the only one, even Alfred Angelo has designed the mermaid gown below based on Disney's "Little Mermaid." The playfully trumpeted skirt and form fitting bodice help create this more sophisticated princess look. Add finishing touches with mutliple strands of pearls and long flowing hair with sea inspired hair pieces.
Photo Credit - Alfred Angelo

Haven't had enough? Check out for more inspiration on beach wedding favors and beach ceremony accessories.

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