"Fathers" of the Bride...Incorporating Multiple Parents into Your Wedding

With more and more couples having divorced parents that are remarried this day in age it is often difficult to fit everyone into your ceremony and assign the typical duties. It is important to know that traditions are changing and there are no set rules on how to deal with your extra family members. Just remember it is your day and everyone will respect how you choose to handle things.

The father of the bride plays a very significant role in a girl's life and on her wedding day he is especially important. He has a number of roles and duties to fulfill such as walking you down the aisle, sharing the father daughter dance and sometimes hosting your wedding day festivities. Now what do you do when you have two fathers (a father and a stepfather) that play an important part in your life? Or you have a stepfather that has stepped in to fill the place of an absent biological father. Here are some helpful suggestions and ideas to ease your worries about your dad dilemma.

One thing many brides are concerned with is how to write their wedding invitations when divorced parents are hosting or helping pay for your special day. Here are a couple ways to handle this situation.

Wedding invitation format

When deciding who is to walk you down the aisle, know that this is your decision and there is no right or wrong way to do this. Choose whomever you feel is right. If your biological father has always been a part of your life and you wish for him to walk you down the aisle, don't hesitate to let him, your stepfather will understand. If your stepfather has truly been the one who has raised you and filled the father role, have him walk you down the aisle. It may not be as clear cut as this and to prevent hurt feelings there are some alternatives. If both your father and stepfather have been significant in your life and you want to share this special moment with both of them, then have them both walk you down the aisle, one on either arm. Or you can have your stepfather walk you halfway down the aisle then hand you off to your father to walk you the rest of the way. If you cannot decide who is to walk you or you don't want to upset anyone, another option is to have your mother or a brother walk you. A bride always has the option to walk down the aisle alone as well.

You may be having the same issues of what to do about the father daughter dance. If you wish to share this moment with both of these special men in your life, consider picking two different songs to dance to with them. Pick a song that is uniquely special to each of them. Another option is to pick a longer song and dance with your father during the first half and finish the song with your stepfather or vice versa.

It is a sensitive situation handling decisions about multiple parents at your wedding. Discuss the roles you wish for each parent to play on your wedding day with them individually. Don't stress about it, there are plenty of ways for your loved ones to feel important on your wedding day. Above all else, they want you to be happy on your big day and will understand the choices you make.
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