Honey and Pecan Color Palette for A Wedding that is Truly 'Meant to Bee'

Create a warm color palette for your casually elegant outdoor wedding with rich tones of honey, goldenrod yellow, and pecan brown. This palette when combined with a subtle honey or bumble bee theme creates the feelings of being outdoors on a sunny summer day. Guests will love little hints at your theme here and there. A bumble bee brooch in your wedding bouquet, honeycomb inspired invitations, and pure beeswax candles are few ways to incorporate your theme without going overboard. Milk glass vases, which can be found with a little creative thrift store and attic shopping, are a beautiful accent that gives your event just a little more elegance than the popular mason jars. Fill your vases with beautiful golden yellow roses for a simple centerpiece. At the end of a beautiful night, send your guests home with a decorative jar of natural honey complete with a gift tag and a personal thank you message. For more inspiration, soak up the sunny images below!

Photo Credit: Honey and Granola Gift Box by Design'Sponge, Save the Date by Heather Jeany, Bumble Bee Wedding cake by Maggie Austin Cake, Honey and Wheat Dresses by Martha Stewart, Bees Wax by Gfits from the Earth, Beeswax Candle by My Wedding Reception Ideas, Paper Bag Honeycomb Invitation couresty of Australia Entertains.

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