Modern Grooms Accessorize with Style

Grooms and their groomsmen often get overlooked when discussing how to outfit a wedding party. Modern grooms and their buds want to have just as much fun with their wedding day attire as the ladies get to. Of course there will always be a time and a place for the sleek look of a traditional tuxedo, but more and more grooms are showing their sense of style with suits and fun accessories.

The cotton and linen suit is perfect for grooms who love a more casual style. Grooms can also be seen without their jacket and sporting rolled up shirtsleeves, a vest or suspenders, and a hipster style hat.
Modern Groom in Tan Suit

Other grooms choose to modernize their look with accessories. Shoes, with quirky Chuck Taylors being the most popular, are a common way for groomsman to show their style. If funky shoes are a little too much, there are always colorful socks. I have seen many groomsmen pictures lately with pant legs pulled up to reveal bright and fun patterened socks.
Funky red groomsmen socks

 Grooms and their groomsmen can also play up their look with patterned suits, brightly colored vests and ties. Tweed and plaid are hot for groom suits this year and spunky little bow ties are making a come back right along with it. This hipster style is one that is sure to make the bride swoon!
Bride kissing Groom wearing bow tie

Grooms (or whoever is planning their outfit) are getting more and more creative with their boutonnieres. No longer just a simple rose and sprig of baby's breath - boutonnieres should be as stylish as the bride's bouquet. Buttons, feathers, brooches, and natural elements are popular ways to make a unique boutonnieres. I love this pinwheel bout shown below! Because boutonnieres are small and usually simplistic, they can be easy to make and add a lot of color and fun to an outfit.
pinwheel boutonniere

Remember that it is your groom's day too, so let him show off his own style. You will end up with a look you both will love!

Photo credits in order of appearance: 1. Tan Suit -  Once Wed  2. Red Socks - One Wed  3. Bow Tie via The Neo Tradtionalists 4. Pinwheel Boutonierre found on Etsy


  1. where did the tan vest come from?

  2. Where did you find the vest??

  3. I am not sure where this exact vest canme from, but an almost identical one can be found here:
    It is called the Ludlow suit vest in Irish linen from J.CREW.


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