The Fate of Your Wedding Gown - To Trash the Dress or Not to Trash the Dress

Wedding Dress Backlit by Window
 As if there aren't enough decisions to make, modern brides are being asked to decide the fate of their wedding gown. It was once considered an obvious choice - preserve the gown as wedding memorabilia or for future generations.  Brides now have a few other options that are becoming increasingly popular.

Many brides are giving their precious gowns away to charity. These gowns will either be given to brides who cannot afford the princess wedding of their dreams, or sold with the purpose of donating the money to a good cause. Brides Against Breast Cancer is one such charity that offers new and gently used donated gowns at slashed prices to raise money for the cure. This option is for the bleeding hearts who won't miss their dress hanging in the back of their closet because they will know their donation has helped another woman in need.

Bride Running in a Muddy Field
Another option that is growing in popularity defies all of the above traditions. The is the infamous Trash The Dress photo shoot. If you haven't heard of this phenomenon, it is where the Bride puts on her wedding attire and gets all dressed up for a professional photo shoot after the wedding. Sometimes the Groom even joins gets a few photos snapped. The catch? The location is chosen because of its contrast to the formal wear - this means beaches, painting studios, muddy fields, swampy rivers, and anywhere a bride would avoid like the plague while wearing her dress before the big day. The results are fun, un-posed, often stunning and artistic photos... and a completely trashed dress. Of course a little dirt doesn't necessarily mean the dress will be ruined forever. A good dry cleaning would probably return your dress to savable condition - unless you opt to cut, burn, or paint it during your photo shoot. The idea is that the bride has made a forever commitment and has no need of a wedding dress anymore. It is also a way to get great photographs. While Trashing the Dress isn't for everyone, it does provide some intriguing images. This is for the trendy bride, who is perfectly happy treasuring her wedding gown forever via amazing photographs like the ones shown below.

Underwater Bride and Groom

Splatter Painted Bride and Groom- Trash The Dress

Bride and Horse in Yellow Field

What ever you decide, enjoy your day and enjoy that fabulous dress!

~ Jenna

Additional photo credit: Hanging Wedding Dress, Bride in Muddy Boots

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  1. No way would I trash my beautiful dress! I recently heard of a great idea: putting the dress and veil in a shadow box that you can put up on the wall in your bedroom or some other special place. One woman had done this with her dress, her mother's dress, and also was in the process of preserving her grandmother's dress! I thought the shadow boxes were stunning.


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