Top Summer Wedding Trends for 2011

2011 summer weddings are packed full of personal accents and childhood nostalgia. This is a year for one-of-a-kind wedding themes and accents that can only be described as so you. To find out what the top summer wedding trends are going to be, we polled our brides to see what they have decided on. Read on to see all the great ideas they came up with.

1) Themes that tell a story - Our bride's number one pick for summer weddings are themes that tell a story or relate to your childhood. Did you and your FH meet in a library? Then incorporate stacks of books as your table centerpieces, use old checkout cards as place cards, and bookmarks as your wedding favors. Do you both love photography? Incorporate your interests by having a photo booth at your reception. Unique additions like these that tell a story about you and your fiance help bring a personal feel to your wedding and make it even more meaningful.

Homemade pies via
2) Country living - Summer weddings this year are all about getting back to the basics by bringing the 'at home' feeling of the country to your reception through outdoor venues and homemade accents. Think homemade reception signs, card boxes, wooden accents like birch tree centerpieces, and other rustic decor. Laid-back food selections and comfort food will be popular with items like mac n' cheese and fried chicken topping the list.   Homemade pies in lieu of large wedding cakes are a popular choice and really say 'made with love'. By opting for a smaller traditional wedding cake and including homemade pies made by family members, you will save money and have an effortless country accent to add to your reception.  Expect simple decor to also top the list.
3) Personalize it - Personalization is back with a bang and can be found on everything from monogrammed napkins to custom made wedding garters. To save costs, brides are adding their own stamp on their wedding through DIY crafts. Homemade monogram banners and invitations are hot right now with hand-stamped napkins and homemade wedding favors also topping the list. Embroidered wedding garters, engraved flutes, and personalized ring pillows are also popular ways to personalize your wedding accessories. File these great keepsakes away in your memory chest after your wedding and you have cherished mementos of your special day long after your wedding has passed.

Honeysuckle bridesmaid dresses via Cameron Kelly Studio
4) Refreshing color palettes - Refreshing shades of pink, yellow, and green are the hot color picks for 2011. Combine yellow and lime green together for a mix that screams summer. Honeysuckle pink paired with pale yellow brings that feeling of summer while still keeping a feminine feel to your wedding day through the unique pink shade. For a unique summer twist, bold red paired with pale blue plays on the summery feeling of firecrackers and summer cook-outs while still being modern and fun.

5) Decor that makes a statement - 2011 summer weddings are all about what's unique and your wedding decor is no exception. Brides are pulling out all the stops when it comes to creating unique decorations for their venue. Using fruit as decoration is the most popular and easiest way to add a twist on traditional decor. Add lemons, limes, and other summer fruits to your table centerpieces, wedding cake, and even your wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.

Bride and groom with vintage wedding car
6) Add vintage nostalgia - Brides in 2011 are all about vintage accents. Classic cars on display during your reception, vintage cake toppers, 1930's finger waves, and old-fashioned sundae buffets are a few additions that are increasing with popularity. It's all about what's old with this theme. When including a vintage flair, be sure to check thrifts stores and mom's attic for items like porcelain vases to use as centerpieces, retro lighting, vintage shoes, and grandma's brooch

7) Make guests feel important - Brides and grooms are paying close attention to their guests and are going out of their way to say a special thank you. In the summer heat, hand fans and personalized water bottles are popular choices to give guests to use during your ceremony. Lavish candy buffets are popping up all over reception with smaller wedding favors still being presented as guest table settings to say thank you.  To see other unique wedding favor ideas, check out our full selection of summer wedding favors.

Happy Planning!

Sources: Homemade apple pies via The Knot, Honeysuckle bridesmaids dresses via Cameron Kelly Studio


  1. All ideas are great! And thanks for detailing this trend!

  2. I noticed a lot of these trends at the summer weddings I attended this summer, especially the country living theme. I have noticed a lot of people are moving to unique venues, such as barns and relatives backyards.


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