Fabulous Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

Choosing the flowers for your summer wedding can be a difficult task. Why you ask? Well, because this is the time of the year when most of these colorful blooms are in season and readily available! It will be hard to choose just one of these beauties! Here are a few of my favorite summer wedding flowers to help you decide!

Sunflower wedding flowers

Sunflowers ~ This warm and friendly flower is a known symbol of peace and happiness. What better sentiment for your wedding day! These flowers are inexpensive and easy to maintain. They are especially appropriate for a late summer or fall wedding. Sunflowers are in season from July to September and come in colored varieties of yellow, red and white.

Calla lily wedding flowers

Calla Lilies ~ This popular wedding flower is well known for its unique fluted trumpet shape. The beautiful flower is associated with meanings of purity, magnificence and beauty. While the white version of this flower is most recognized, this delicate plant also comes in shades of pink, yellow, orange, green and purple. These gorgeous blooms look wonderful in bouquets, as boutonnieniers, and make stunning table centerpieces.

Gerbera daisy wedding flowers
Gerbera Daisies ~ You won't find a more cheerful wedding flower than the gerbera daisy. This playful flower is for the bride who is looking for a pop of color. The gerbera daisy comes in a wide rainbow of vibrant colors. Choose from bright pinks, snow whites, ruby reds and sunny yellows to name a few. With such a wide range of colors available, these plants are appropriate for nearly any season, but the fun colors are sure appreciated during the summer months!

Photo Credits: Sunflower Collage: Sunflower bouquet, Sunflower centerpieces, Sunflower cake, Red and yellow sunflowers
Calla Lily Collage: Large Calla lily bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, Calla lily centerpieces, Calla lily bouquet 
Gerbera Daisy Collage: Colorer gerbera daisy vase, Pink gerbera bouquets, Gerbera wedding cake, Red gerbera pomander, White gerbera daisy 


  1. your calla lilie bouquet is it fresh flowers or fake? if its fresh where did you get them? the head is so big and open

  2. Unfortunately, this calla lily bouquet was not locally sourced and can be found via Martha Stewart here http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/226398/abundant-bouquets-wedding-bells Thanks for reading!


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