Things I Love: The Conversation Starter Wedding Guest Book

Reception guest book and table settingWell ladies, Martha Stewart has done it again! I came across this neat wedding reception conversation starter on and fell in love with it. The Conversation Starter Wedding Guest Book is a fabulous way to get guests talking and mingling. 

So here's how it works: These guest books are blank inside and each feature a different question on the cover. Place a book on each of your reception tables and then on each table setting place a pen with a ribbon attached that says: "Don't forget to sign the booklet". 

The books can feature questions regarding the marrying couple such as, "What is your favorite memory of us?" and "When did you know that we were meant for each other?". The questions can also gather advice from your guests by prompting them with such topics as, "What is the key to a happy marriage" and "What should we name our kids?".

By placing these booklets on your tables, you will help break the ice and get your guests talking and sharing about the one thing they all have in common, the bride and groom! Everyone attending the wedding knows the marrying couple in a different context and will enjoy sharing their stories about you. By responding to these prompts, your guests will come up with some heartfelt thoughts and advice (not to mention humorous revelations) that you and your spouse will love to revisit for years to come.

Guest book cover examples

At the Martha Stewart website you can find templates of these book covers, along with several more, to print off to create your own set of books. If traditional guest books are more your style, no one says you can't set one of those out too! Hope you enjoyed this fun idea as much as I did!

Image Credits: Martha Stewart Weddings

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