Two Dresses - One Price Tag

I love little white dresses. I also love long traditional wedding gowns. Like most girls planning a wedding, it was difficult to choose. I eventually chose a short white dress for my casual outdoor wedding, but many brides have solved this dilemma by wearing their traditional gowns in the ceremony and changing into a cute little white cocktail dress for the reception. This ensures your beautiful dress doesn't get dirty at the reception and also leaves you unencumbered by beautiful, but heavy and uncomfortable hoops and frills. Unfortunately, this wardrobe change isn't always possible for brides on a budget. It is also a bit of a hassle to cart around an extra dress all day. This is where the idea of a two-in-one dress, (like the Priscilla of Boston dress/romper combo shown left) comes in.

These beautiful dresses convert from a traditional gown to a sassy cocktail gown by removing the bottom portion of the dress which zips, snaps, or ties on. Here are some of my favorites, but so many designers are doing this now that you are sure to be able to find one that suits you perfectly!

Dress by Martin Liana

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~ Jenna

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