10 Tips For Fantastic Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography by Victoria Danielle Photography
Brides planning their wedding fawn over beautiful photos of couples in exotic places, sharing meaningful glances and lingering kisses. You may think that this style of photo is unattainable for your real life wedding - but golden light and lovely scenery, as in the image shown here (taken by Victoria Danielle Photography via Groom Sold Separately) aren't only for fairy tales.  Here are some tips to ensure your wedding photos live up to your romantic fantasy.

1. Have your photographer scope out the venue a few days before the wedding. Plan the locations where you want to have photos taken. Take note of architecture and scenery as well as color and light.

2. Make a list of shots you want, including people and decor.

3. During the reception, have your photographer focus on you while their assistant gets candids of the guests and shots of the decorations.

4. Devote at least an hour to your portrait session the day of.  This hour does not include photos of the bridal party or family members, so you will need to factor in time for those photos as well. Make it work by scheduling the photos either before the ceremony or during the cocktail hour. Remember that the best time to take photos is in the early evening, just before sunset. This is the time when photographers can capture that romantic golden light.

5. Schedule a post wedding photo shoot. It could be the day after or a month after. The point is to get all dressed up and have a couples session in your favorite location. This gives the photographer more time for creativity. Also, without the wedding day nerves and guests to entertain, you can get more natural photos.

6. Browse wedding photography blogs. Find poses and angles that you find interesting or beautiful and show them to your photographer. Creativity is important, but there is nothing wrong with gathering a little inspiration.

7.  Be willing to work with your photographer. You will have your list of shots and your ideas, but it is always a good idea to be open to new things.

8. Relax. Some people find that taking a shot, stretching or meditating for a few minutes, or doing a few silly improv warm ups can help ease their nerves. You will have more fun and it will show in your photos.
9. Be on time. To get the type of photos you want, you will need to stay ahead of schedule.

10. Take note of trends in photography, but also have your photographer take some traditional photos. Color and drama are big these days, but in 20 years you might wish you had something a little more understated to display.

- Jenna

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