Fun and Creative Football Party Ideas

22 Oz. Personalized Stadium Cups I love to host football parties for my friends and family during football season. This is great way to bring a large group of people together for a fun afternoon of good food, fun and drinks. I have come up with some fun and creative ideas that are sure to be a hit at your next football party.

Football field table clothMake your own football pendants out of construction paper, scissors and markers and hang them around the room. If you’re not too much of an artist you can also purchase some stencils at a local craft store. Purchase team colored disposable table clothes for the food tables and add personalized napkins and cups with your favorite teams name on them. Encourage your guests to where football themed jerseys and t-shirts. If your party is going to be a rivalry party like Ohio State vs. Michigan, create signs for separate drink coolers that read, 'Ohio State Fans Only' or 'Michigan Beer, Hands off if you bleed scarlet and grey'. One of the best ideas I have found is a table cloth made of turf. Go to your local Home Depot and purchase a piece of the green outdoor carpet, use white athletic tape to create the lines on the fields and you can jazz it up with confetti or anything you like. Your guests are going to love making a plate from this buffet table.

Football deviled eggsSpeaking of buffet tables, let's talk food. The menu for your football party should be fun and creative as well. It is best to serve the food buffet style so that your guest can eat whenever they like. Most guests will snack around during the entire game. You will want to provide foods that can easily be snacked on, like chips and dip, cheese and crackers, tortillas and salsa. I would not recommend cooking out unless you have a TV outside, you wouldn't want whoever is tending the grill to miss most of the game. Hot dogs, chicken wings, shredded chicken or even sloppy joes can be fun football party foods. Don't forget, it's easy to add a football touch to any kind of food just by making it look like a football. Try adding pieces of chives to your deviled eggs. Another fun idea would be sticking toothpicks with small pendants on them featuring the name of your favorite team into your dips and other foods.

The football party ideas above should definitely add some jazz and fun to your next football party. Remember, be creative and fun and give your guest a football party they will be talking about for weeks.
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