Fun Packed Lunch Ideas for Back-To-School

 Here are some tips for our favorite moms and dads, or for anyone who wants to pack a more fun lunch!

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If your children aren't already back in school, they will be filling up their book bags and heading back within the next few weeks. Whether you are the parent of a brand new kindergartner or a seasoned back-to-school veteran, it is a little bit difficult to see the summer end and your little ones sent off into the world each day. No matter what age your children are, you know it is important to make them feel loved. The easiest way to keep your bond strong while your children are away during the day is to take advantage of lunch time Here are our favorite tips!

Write Them Love Notes - Write your child a little note each day and put it in their pocket or lunch bag. You can also get creative and write the note on a sticker label on their sandwich bags or tied around their favorite fruit with decorative ribbon. If your child can't read, draw them a picture! A doodle or a joke written on a paper napkin can turn lunch time into a special moment you and your child can share even though you aren't together for the meal. Old school paper lunch bags can also be personalized with your child's name and a cute design or message. They may not have the insulating ability of today's reusable cooler bags, but they do offer the simplicity of a take and toss approach. Other fun things to include in their bags are folded origami animals, comic strips saved from the Sunday Funnies or printed puzzles like tic tac toe, pencil mazes, and eye spy pictures.

Free Printable Fruit Tags from AlphaMom, Funky Lunch Sandwich Ideas, Sticky Stacky Sandwich Kabobs from SuperHealthyKids

Make Food Fun - Cookie cutters are the lunch packing parent's best friend. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is so much better in the shape of a heart or a dinosaur. The folks at Funky Lunch go one step further and create adorable animal faces, pirate ships, and more! You can also cut fruit into cute shapes with smaller cookie cutters. (A little lemon juice will keep your cut fruit fresh.) Meats and cheeses can also be cut into shapes and made into mini kabobs using cookie pop sticks found in the baking section of your local craft store. These sticks are made of paper and come without any pointy ends to prevent injuries. And don't forget dessert! It doesn't have to be unhealthy. You can find a healthy cookie recipe your child loves or offer them frozen yogurt made by simply placing prepackaged on-the-go yogurt tubes in your freezer the night before. Package their dessert with a ribbon or some other small decoration to add that personal touch your kids love.

Making lunches exciting for your kids not only shows them a little more love, but it also makes the packing process more interesting for Moms and Dads. So have fun and get packin'!

~ Jenna

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