Top 5 Trends for Fall Bridesmaids

Counting down the days until your fall wedding? We've got the hottest tips on how to outfit your bridesmaids for the upcoming autumn season.

Trend #1 - Fantastic Fall Colors.

Fall colors are no longer limited to orange, brown, and yellow. More and more brides are incorporating rich hues like peacock blue and plumy purples for a more varied palette. We love this and your bridesmaids will too! While orange and yellow can be difficult colors to wear, blue and purple compliment a variety of skin tones easily. This lovely purple dress was designed by Megan Sweet.

Trend #2 - The Cardigan

Cooler temperatures in autumn don't provide the best weather for those strapless bridesmaids dresses. Keep your maids cozy with beautiful cardigans dressed up in cashmere or ruffles. The girls shown here paired their teal dresses with lovely gray cardigans. (Image Credit: We Are Home Sweet Home)

Trend  #3 - Cowgirl Boots

Inspiring little country girl hearts everywhere, the cowgirl boot trend is an adorable tribute to your down home roots. This look goes great with flowing floral prints and lacey shabby chic tunics. This look will really take off this year thanks to recent wedding of country singer Miranda Lambert. The photo shown here combined soft brown boots with a muted almost-denim, blue. (Image Credit: Thunder Storms and Cat Naps)

Trend  #4 - Foliage over Florals

Using fall foliage, like wheat, leaves, and branches in lieu of more flowery bouquets will finish off your rustic autumn wedding with a unique flourish. This is a great way to set your bridal bouquet apart from the rest of the girls as well. I love the look of these multi-colored wheat stalks gathered with a lacy bouquet wrap.

Trend #5 - Non-traditional Fall Themes

Fall leaves are lovely, but not for every bride. Autumn brides are branching out with their colors and decor. The most surprising and unexpectedly popular theme for this fall is peacocks. A peacock theme provides a beautiful color palette ranging from green to purple to many different shades of blue. The feathers look great in vintage, sophisticated and rustic settings. The fabulous peacock bridesmaids dress shown here was actually found on etsy! Who wouldn't want a custom made dress?

We hope you've been inspired by these top five trends - but don't forget to add a little bit of your own flavor. You want your wedding to modern, yet also full of your own personality.

~ Jenna

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