Bridal Registry Basics - Getting Started

I don’t know about you but setting up a bridal registry sounds like about the most fun ever!  As a newly engaged gal myself and a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I can’t imagine not enjoying compiling a list of all the things that my fiancé and I will need for our new life together. But then I realized I didn’t even know where to begin! While your bridal registry may seem like nothing more than the ultimate shopping list, there needs to be a lot of thought put into it. Before you go crazy with that scanner gun, take a moment to plan, research and get organized. Here is some advice I gathered to aide in beginning your bridal registry, advice I will surely be taking too!

Bridal registry coupleWhen to get started
Start thinking about your registry right away. This may sound a little premature but once hearing about your engagement, some friends or family may want to get you a gift right away. So to better accommodate everyone’s gift-giving strategy, register for a few items soon after your engagement. Since it may be difficult to decide on all the items for your registry this early, more items can and should be added later on. If you are having an engagement party or bridal shower, make sure to register for gifts at least one month beforehand. This gives guests enough time to shop.

What to register for
It can be an overwhelming task deciding what items to select for your registry. There are probably a lot of things you and your future spouse need to begin your lives together. So it is best to prioritize and stay organized. Before going to the store or browsing online, it may be helpful to make your own list of things you need. Go visit a friend or family member’s fully stocked kitchen/dining room/bathroom/etc. Take a look around at the necessities they have and then jot down any items you don’t yet own but would like for your own place. Having this primary list will make it easier when you visit the store or begin your online registry. Think about daily activities, chores and tasks and the items you will need to complete them. Also think about special occasion items that you may need for holidays or entertaining. Once basic items are taken care of then think of fun items or decorating pieces that will complete your living space.

Now if you and your fiancé already live together and have many of the necessary items needed for everyday living. Think about expanding your registry to include items that are tailored to your hobbies and interests. Consider camping equipment, wine chillers, electronics, or gift cards to Home Depot, Lowe's or Target.

To learn more about creating and managing your bridal registry check out the article The Ultimate Shopping List - Creating Your Bridal Registry by our blogger Mandy (Me!)

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