Ideas for Lighting up your Outdoor Wedding

Martha Stewart Weddings hanging jar lanterns
If you have decided to have an outdoor wedding then you will need to consider how to light the area. Lighting is a must if your wedding is in the evening or if it will continue into the evening hours. Lighting up your wedding venue can be simple and will also add a sense of romance and beauty to any outdoor wedding. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

candle lined wedding aisle
Create a path of lights that will lead the bride to the altar. You can do this with candles placed about every 12 inches down the aisle or you can also string twinkle lights to poles that are placed in the ground. For a beach wedding, tiki torches will make a great path of light. I also love the idea of creating an archway that goes the length of the aisle. With some wooden poles, wire and string lights you can create a breath taking archway that your guests won’t soon forget.
floating votive center pieces
For the reception you will want to add candles or fireless candles to all of the tables. Add floating candles to a bowl of water that also has flowers floating in the water or you can fill the glass bowls with rocks that will accent your wedding colors or theme and then add the floating candles. If floating candles are not your thing then go with several different candle sizes placed strategically on a mirror surface. This will add elegance to any centerpiece. The candles will not only illuminate the tables but they will set the mood for your guest to sit down and enjoy there dinner.
Round Paper Lanterns
Depending on the outside venue you are using, we recommend adding lights to all of the trees in the area. White twinkle lights on all of the trees will only add to the sense of romance as well as keep the area lit up for your guests. You can also hang candles from the trees. Add tea lights to mason jars and string them into the trees around the reception area to create a sense of whimsy. Whether the reception will be under a tent or under the stars, you will still want to string lights across the dance floor and reception areas. One of our favorite ideas is adding round paper lanterns to the ceiling of your tent or hanging them across the reception area. The round paper lanterns create a subtle yet beautiful light and they came in many different colors to match your wedding theme.
The above ideas are sure to get you started in the right direction. One more tip would be to rent a generator from a local party rental. You wouldn’t want the lights to go out on your wedding guests. Good Luck.


  1. In addition to the candles if you want to forgo using the house lights at the reception, you can go with LED Up Lighting on the walls and columns. Up lighting looks fantastic on architecture, especially if it is bare. Brick walls look amazing with up lighting. These are really fantastic lighting ideas, thank you.

  2. Lighting up the venue on your wedding really is really a great idea. The lights especially at night adds so much glam on the venue. I am impressed with this idea.


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