Great Ideas for Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces

Maple Tree Wedding Centerpiece
Choosing wedding centerpieces for your wedding can be an expensive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We have come up with several fun and inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas.

Bring the outside in: Using tree branches, leaves, pinecones and other natural elements from the outdoors doesn’t cost a thing and can be some of the most beautiful centerpieces. By adding limbs from a Japanese maple tree to a large glass vase you can create a breath taking fall wedding centerpiece design. Think seasonal of course when you are planning to use Mother Nature’s decorations. If you are having a spring wedding, cherry blossoms, summer wedding use olive branches or winter wedding, use birch. Remember you can also add spray paint, beads and lights to jazz up any centerpiece design.

Double Duty:  Another way to save money on your wedding centerpieces is to use them for more than one purpose. One way to do this is incorporating your desert table into your centerpieces. You can buy several inexpensive cupcake holders and bake your own cupcakes. By adding decorative cupcake liners and little bling you can create great cupcakes without paying a professional. Fill the holders with your cupcakes and set one on each table as the centerpiece. This will create a fun and yummy centerpiece that your guests are sure to love.

Less is more: Sometimes the simple things in life can be the most beautiful. If you are having a winter wedding try filling up vases with inexpensive Christmas tree bulbs. This makes a gorgeous center piece and can be very cost effective.  Another fabulous idea is to use taper candles. You can normally buy tapers very cheap and in many color combinations. Check out your local thrift stores and buy different size and color holders to make an eclectic and interesting centerpiece.

Lemon Wedding Centerpiece

Fruit instead of flowers: Fruit can also be a great centerpiece idea. By simple filling a glass vase with lemons you can create a masterpiece. This works for all seasons as well, use apples and pears for the fall, cranberries for winter and lemon, limes and oranges are perfect for summer and spring weddings. The wonderful thing about using fruit is the color palate you can create. Also, get creative, add candles or lights. Let your imagination work for you.

The most important tip is, do your homework and shop around to find what inspires you before you start planning your centerpieces.  Going in prepared will also save you money and time. Good Luck!

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  1. Check with local fire codes...restaurants or banquet halls do not allow open flames. Usually the flame needs to be well below the suface of a container or hurricane. If you want tons of taper candles your event better be in open-sided tent.


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