Royal Wedding Hats - For the Real World

White feather hair fascinator
While the Royal Wedding has come and gone and the coverage of the special event has been plastered over news stations, magazines, and books everywhere, there is still a genuine interest in the doings of the royalty we all  became so familiar with.  Everyone is keeping an eye on William and Kate and the up and coming Pippa, and everyone is still talking about and beginning to emulate the styles of the British royalty.  Many of the looks  seen and talked about during the royal wedding extravaganza were no doubt related to the royal wedding hats worn by many of the guests  attending the event.  While some looks were mocked and giggled at, others were admired and applauded.   Without question, the hat designs worn by the royal wedding guests were unique, over the top and downright eye catching!  Take a look at some of the most talked about royal wedding hats featuring flowers, feathers, sculptural effects and... butterflies!?
Royal wedding hats

Royal wedding hats

While these looks are certainly attention grabbing, they may be more fit for Lady Gaga than the everyday fashion follower.  Try toning down the look by translating royal wedding wear into your own wardrobe.  Fabulous hair accessories can dress up an everyday outfit, add  major wow factor to evening wear and prom  dresses or be that finishing touch to your wedding day ensemble. Choose hair fascinators with flowers, feathers, netting, and jewels for a look that any fashionista can pull off.  Check out these fashion forward hair fascinators and accessories that you can rock in the real world!

Hair fascinators and accessories

Let these looks inspire you to add a little flair to your favorite outfits.  For the DYI-er, hair fascinators and clips are great at home projects to showcase your creativity and designer skills. Your local craft or fabric store will have everything you need to create a one of a kind piece!
Photo Credits: Princess Beatrice's sculptural hat and butterfly hat, Victoria Beckham hat, Grey, red and blue royal wedding hats, Modern hair fascinators and accessories from

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