12 Days of Weddings - 10 Lords A Leaping Inspiration Board

Groomsmen Jumping
Welcome to the 10th edition in our 12 Days of Weddings blog series. So far we have given you 9 image collages full of wedding inspiration for your holiday wedding. For our 10th inspiration board, we've decided to honor the infamous 10 lords of leaping by paying homage to the fascinating action photography trend that captures grooms and their groomsmen mid-jump - or mid-leap for our purposes. We chose 10 of our favorite "jump shots" to show you. Hopefully this collection of images will inspire both you and your wedding photographer. If not, at least you will get a kick out of seeing some character capturing photographs, mid air poses, and other acts of randomness.

Image Credits (In order from top to bottom, left to right): 1. Southern Aisle, 2. Delightfully Engaged, 3. Polkadot Bride, 4. Unknown, 5. Bellafotografica, 6. Deroughe Mont Manor, 7. The Romantics Ad Campaign via Art8Amby , 8. Tom and Lorenzo, 9. True Photography Weddings, 10. Bridal Snob

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  1. The images are nice and somehow it created a look that express the joy that is usually associated with weddings.


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