The Perfect End to a Perfect Night - A Getaway Car Inspiration Board

Just Married TractorAt one time or another, you have surely seen a car or limosine driving down the road with the words 'Just Married' scrawled accross the back window. Inside that car rides the couple who just announced their love to the world and are on their way to start their new life together. This is the final detail of the wedding night and is easy to overlook, but be careful not to miss out on a perfect ending to your perfect night.

Whether you decide to cruise off in a classic or on a motorcycle, be sure to show off your personalities in this and every part of your wedding. Are you having a rustic wedding on the shore of a lake in the summer? Consider a canoe or boat to leave the party. If you are both pretty adventurous, maybe you can take a hot air balloon ride or even go bungee jumping after you take the plunge!

If you are trying to keep things eco-friendly, you could make your great escape on a moped or a tandem bicycle. You can also keep things fun (and budget friendly!) by assigning the groomsmen the task of decorating the car or even a golf cart to ride off into the night in style. Are you having a romantic, storybook wedding? Think about taking a carriage or sleigh ride to finish off your night. If you are planning a country themed wedding, leaving on a
tractor would tie in nicely.
Just Married Getaway Car

Just Married Getaway Car
With so many ways to finish off your wonderful wedding night, give your guests something to remember and do something you will love to look back on. Make sure you stay true to who you are, and try to tie in your getaway car with the theme of your wedding.

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