Fading Season - A Delicate Wedding Color Story

Bride and FatherAs the holiday season is coming to a close, we look forward to freshly fallen snow and the beauty that comes with it.  With muted hues and alluring winter scenes, it is truly a season full of breathtaking landscapes.  This season brings with it delicate colors that you may be able to use to dream up the wedding you have always wanted.  Soft pinks, steel blue, glacier blue and caramels bring your wedding to life with a feeling of gentle bliss.  From the use of flowers to the gorgeous cake and decorations, this inspiration board shows that simple is beautiful.  Use these peaceful hues in different aspects of your wedding to give your guests, and yourself, a stunning day to look back on for years to come. 
Color Story
Color Story

Things We Love - Unique Wedding Save the Dates

As we move into engagement season, more and more brides will be searching for unique ways to announce their wedding date and engagement.  Save the dates are becoming the popular choice with couples to do double duty as both their announcements and reminders.

Couples are taking advantage of their engagement sessions with their photographer and creating unique set ups that showcase the date of their wedding through props.  This idea is a great way to get to know your photographer better and create a one-of-a-kind save the date for your guests to have as keepsakes.

To help you get started with some ideas, we've put together a few of our favorite unique and innovative save the date ideas to inspire you.

Winter Daydreams: A Winter Wedding Color Story

Winter bouquetDreamy, peaceful, pretty and sophisticated. A winter's daydream comes to life in a color story of slate gray, soft peach, dusty aqua and rose brown. The holidays will soon be over and the winter months will continue. With a backdrop of white snow, a winter wedding is the perfect opportunity to showcase a color scheme with cool tones and pretty pastels. Reminiscent of the sunrise glistening of the morning snow and bare branches, shades of rose, peach and a minty aqua seem to hint at the approaching spring. The months of January through March would be a wonderful time to feature these wistful winter colors together. Anyone lucky enough to attend your winter wedding will be daydreaming about it long after it's over.

Winter wedding color story

Bling in The New Year - Glitter & Gold New Year's Eve Inspiration Board

Sparkly Cupcake for New Year's Eve
Christmas is so close you can taste it and you probably have sampled some of those sugar cookies already! This means New Year's Eve is also right around the corner. We'd like to take this opportunity to inspire you to ring in the New Year with some glitz and glamour.

If you are planning a New Year's wedding, you may think it is a little late in the planning stage for our newest inspiration board. We say, it is never too late to add a dash of glitter! That is what this collection of images is all about - gold, glittery, sparkly fabulousness! Who knows, this collage may inspire you to add some shine to your New Year's party as well! Enjoy!

New Year's Eve Gold and Glitter Wedding Inspiration Board Part 1
New Year's Eve Gold and Glitter Wedding Inspiration Board Part 2
New Year's Eve Gold and Glitter Wedding Inspiration Board Part 3

Image credits: New Year's Kiss from Grazier Photography, Handful of Glitter from Oh Hello Friend Blog, Sparkler Cupcake from The Sweetest Occasion,  Glitter Confetti via The Wedding Party Studio, Glitter Eye Shadow via Oh Hello Friend Blog, White Shirt and Tulle Skirt from Shabby Apple, Table Setting and Cocktails from Elizabeth Anne Designs, Gold Cake from All Pretty Little Things, Sparkler Send Off from Style Me Pretty, New Year's Eve Hats via Bridal Bubbly,  Party and Love Sparkler Writing from Unknown.

Wedding Cake Trends for 2012

We are beginning the engagement season and soon many brides to be will be planning their 2012 weddings. One of the key ingredients to your wedding and also usually the focal point of your wedding reception is your wedding cake. What are the hot trends for 2012, you ask, well we have made a list below of a few things to keep in mind when planning your 2012 wedding cake.

wedding cake slice with fresh strawberry center

Wedding Cake Flavors:  Expect new and exciting flavor options for 2012 wedding cakes such as, passion fruit, pomegranate and fig. Not only will brides be shopping for fruit flavored cakes but also the old flavors. Expect to also have options of chocolate-orange or chocolate and strawberry. Just remember, even if fruit seems to be the trend, you will want to get the flavor you and your groom like the most, or several flavors, depending on the amount of cake tiers you want.

vintage inspired wedding cake

Vintage Wedding Cakes: Vintage cakes will remain popular in 2012. Vintage cakes normally display a large amount of texture, such as lace or fabric looking fondant and are adorned with many details. Bows and brooches will be a popular add-on for the vintage style as well, but color is not. If you want a large splash of color, vintage is not what you are looking for.

hand painted wedding cake

Hand Painted Wedding Cakes:  Another popular trend in 2012 will be very basic cakes that are painted to your specification. Of course with a cake of this nature you will need to find a fabulous cake artist. If you do, the sky is the limit and you can have the cake of your dreams designed for your big day.

tall wedding cake

Size of Wedding Cake: It also looks like tall cakes are making a comeback. Bride’s want to make a huge impression with their wedding cakes. If you are interested in a taller cake, keep in mind that taller does not always mean more money. You can have faux tiers added to the cake and you can also have the tiers made not as wide to keep the cost down as well. This will get the dramatic effect you are looking for without breaking the bank.

ranunculus flowers on wedding cake

Flowers on Wedding Cakes: In 2012 roses, calla lilies and hydrangeas will be moving out and ranunculus, peonies and magnolias will be moving in. If you want to have real flowers added to your wedding cake, don’t forget to consider cost, and the time of year you are getting married.

Will and Kate's Royal Wedding Cake

Royal Influenced Wedding Cakes: Of course there are going to be many brides that will want to duplicate or come as close as they can to Will and Kate’s royal wedding cake. This will be a hard cake to duplicate but with the many fabulous cake artist of today, I’m sure there will be many of you that will get the Royal wedding cake you are looking for.

Shop around and find what works best for you, your budget and your taste.

 Good Luck

Creative Guest Book Alternatives to Treasure for Years to Come

Wine Bottle Guest Book 
Trending now in 2012 weddings are alternatives to the traditional guest book options.  The people who share your wedding day with you are likely some of the most important people in your life and you will want to remember everyone who celebrated this wonderful event with you.  Traditional guest books are still popular with brides, but there has been a growing movement towards alternative guest book options.  There are countless creative and clever ways to express your personality and relationship through the style of guest book you choose.

If you and your future husband or wife are wine lovers, we have the perfect idea to help you cherish the names and best wishes of your guests for years to come. Purchase several bottles of wine and consider having the labels personalized with your names or monogram. Supply your guests with a permanent or paint marker to sign their names and a few words of advice. You can have a table where the guests will sign the bottles, or have one bottle at each table at your reception. Have the bottles labeled with numbers, and celebrate with one bottle of wine on your 1 year, 5 year, 10 year, and 20 year anniversaries. 
Guest Book Quilt

A guestbook quilt is a great option for any couple, but is especially fitting for a couple who loves to cozy up on the couch to watch movies or spend time together. Your guests’ well wishes will wrap you in love and support for years to come. Make sure each guest has at least one fabric square and a fabric marker to leave a note for you and your new spouse. After the wedding, have the squares quilted so that you can keep it on display in your home!
For those who would like to display their guests’ signatures on the wall in their home, a signature frame is an ideal way to show your personality while showcasing the wonderful people in your lives.  There are many different sizes and designs available in these frames.  You can use one that will display a photo of the happy couple on your wedding day, or simply use one with a design and your names and the wedding date.  However you decide you want it to look, you will surely love being constantly reminded of those closest to you.
Signature Mat 
While trying to determine what style of guestbook is right for you, remember to express your personality.  Also consider that the reason you are looking for an alternative to the traditional guestbook, whether it be because you want to wow your guests or you want to be able to remember each one of them for a lifetime.  With so many ideas, you can be sure to find a perfect option to be displayed at your wedding. 
Image Credits: Wine Bottles from Etsy, Quilt by Style Me Pretty, Signature Frame from My Wedding Reception Ideas

Unique Personalized Gifts for Mom and Dad

Personalized Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad
Why is it that on every gift giving holiday it seems that Mom and Dad are always the hardest to shop for?  Is it because they already have everything? Or perhaps it's really because when you ask them what they want, you usually get a mushy answer along the lines of, 'Nothing as long as I have my family with me.'  While however thoughtful and true this may be, it is still nice to be able to give your Mom and Dad a gift they will love and actually use.

We love the idea of giving personalized gifts for mom and dad.  Custom made gifts are a sure fire way to give your Mom and Dad something they won't have already.  Since personalized gifts are made to order, you are also guaranteed to have a gift you won't find on any store shelf.  For one-of-a-kind gift ideas your mom and dad will love and use, check out our top picks below for gifts like scarves and wallets to tote bags, wine glasses, and more.

Personalized Gifts for Mom Personalized Gifts for Dad

Personalized Pashmina Scarves


Personalized Countryside Tote Bag

Engraved Deluxe Poker Chip Set

Monogrammed Egyptian Cotton Hand Towels

Monogrammed Golf Towel

Engraved Stemless Wine Glasses

Personaized Cooler Duffle Bag

For other great gift ideas and more, check out our complete list of personalized gifts for mom and personalized gifts for dad.

'Fa la la la' Finger Foods for Holiday Gatherings and Parties

Mini Santa hat cake popsTis the season to wow holiday guests with fabulous finger foods and tantalizing treats! Whether sweet or savory, miniature finger foods are even more appetizing when themed with the season. Fashion your finger food into Christmas tree shapes, Santa hats and jolly snowmen. 

A cheese cube Christmas tree will help hold holiday guests off until the Christmas meal is served. Get the kiddies to eat their vegetables by disguising them in a crescent roll veggie tree or avocado slice Christmas tree! Mozzarella, basil and tomato Caprese kabobs bring in the colors of the season for a festive holiday hors d'oeuvre. Some of these adorable delicacies may look too cute to eat, but I'm sure you'll manage! Olive and cream cheese penguins and smiling powdered doughnut snowmen will have party guests oohing and aahing. 

What would the holiday season be without some sweet treats? Serve Christmas tree topped cupcakes, fashioned from upside down ice cream cones covered in frosting. Strawberry Santa hat mini brownies will look precious on your cookie tray next to twisted sugar cookie candy canes! Don't forget to try candy cane cupcake shooters and serve hot cocoa cups garnished with dainty doughnut holes to end the night. Take a look at our collection of Fa la la la Fabulous Finger foods for your Christmas or Holiday party!

Fabulous holiday finger foods

Have a happy holiday season full of life's little enjoyments!

12 Days of Weddings - 12 Drummers Drumming Inspiration Board

Happy December and welcome back to our 12 Days of Weddings blog series. So far you have seen each of the first 11 verses from the famous '12 Days' Christmas carol played out in image collages for fantasy holiday weddings. It has been fun, but now it is time for the final edition in the series. Don't worry, we still have this 12 Drummers Drumming inspiration board to lift your holiday spirits!

For the 12 Drummers Drumming we chose winter blue, holiday red, and shiny gold for our color palette. Sheet music and percussion instruments create a musical theme that is sure to get your guests' spirits singing.

If you are just joining us in the blog series, we hope you enjoy this latest post and feel free to check out the preceding eleven inspiration boards for holiday ideas for your winter wedding. If you aren't a holiday bride, we're positive you can use some of these lovely ideas at your next Christmas party as well.  Happy Holidays!

Image Credits: Sheet Music Paper Chain from Jane Lookerse on Etsy, British Royal Air Force Marching Band from Zimbio, Drum Centerpiece from KM Flowers, Love Banner from Victorian Station on Etsy, Mrs. Calligraphy Print from Special Things Shop on Etsy, Sheet Music Wrapped Gift via Mysker Moore Wedding, Platinum Bridesmaids from The Knot via , Sheet Music Ornaments from Kristy's Chic Boutique on Etsy, Glitter Confetti from Note to Sarah, Winter Blue Dress from Wedding Dress Shop, Vintage Groom from Ruffled Blog

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