Fun Food Truck Catering for Your Wedding Celebration

Kissing CoupleA new year brings new trends in weddings, and one of the most talked about trends for 2013 is the use of food trucks in place of or as a compliment to traditional catering options.  Food trucks can be found on busy city streets, and are growing increasingly popular at weddings.  Not only is it fun to have a food truck at your event, it is convenient and unique.  They are a great alternative to conventional cuisine, given that most specialize in a certain type of food.  The diversity of food offered on these trucks is nothing short of incredible.  Some food trucks will allow you to customize your own menu and even name the items being served to your guests.

Food truck catering is definitely an option to consider when planning your wedding or next big event.  There are so many ways to use a food truck to compliment your wedding.  You can treat your guests to a full meal, or even just a few appetizers during cocktail hour as they wait for the newlyweds to arrive at the reception.   Another idea is waiting to surprise your guests with an end of the night snack.  What could be better than a food truck pulling up to surprise your guests once they start to get tired or hungry after a long evening of dancing and having a good time?  It would be quite the conversation starter, and a perfect way to end a wonderful night.

We have gathered some photos of beautiful weddings that have incorporated a food truck for your enjoyment.  We hope you enjoy these sweet shots!

Food Truck Wedding Inspiration

Food Truck Wedding Inspiration

Food Truck Wedding Inspiration

Image Credits:  Bride and Groom Kissing, Curbside Gourmet Mint-Colored Food Truck, Farm to Street Truck and Group Photo, Bride and Groom Order a Snack, Dressed Up Hamburger and French Fries, Ice Cream Truck, Bride and Groom Ice Cream Photo, Bride and Groom Posing by Food Truck, Carpe Donut Food Truck with Bride and Groom, Texas Tacos Truck and Menu, Just Married Couple, Bride and Groom Picnic Food Truck Wedding

Garden Green and Violet - A Wedding Color Story

Garden Green and Violet Wedding Inspiration Board
Pantone has recently released their color forecast for Spring 2013.  Among their picks, African violet is at the forefront said to be an intriguing color that can be paired with many unexpected combinations.  A pale, refreshing color that is soft without being over feminine, violet is perfectly fitting for Spring weddings.  Both soothing and inviting, choose violet and any of its pale purple counterparts for a palette that will create a relaxing yet fresh Spring feel.  To create the perfect Spring palette, pair this soft purple with a palette of vibrant green and soft dusty miller for an absolutely breathtaking garden wedding that complements the time of the year.

Garden Green and Violet Wedding Inspiration Board
Garden Green and Violet Wedding Inspiration Board
Garden Green and Violet Wedding Inspiration Board
Garden Green and Violet Wedding Inspiration Board
Garden Green and Violet Wedding Inspiration Board
Garden Green and Violet Wedding Inspiration Board
Garden Green and Violet Wedding Inspiration Board

First Look Moments to Melt Your Heart

Bride Walking Towards Groom
Nothing melts our hearts quite like an emotional first look moment between a bride and groom, as they see each other for the first time on their wedding day.  We have collected some beautiful photos to share with you that capture that moment of overwhelming bliss.  
More couples today are opting to see each other before their ceremony, whether it is because they want more time for photographs, or because they simply want to spend some time enjoying each others' company before the festivities begin.  
Another growing trend is where the bride and groom will speak to each other or pray together before the ceremony, but will not see each other until the ceremony.  This is quite often done with the couple standing back-to-back, or on opposite sides of a wall or door.  
We hope you enjoy these adorable first look moments!
Seeing Each Other for the First Time Before the CeremonySeeing Each Other for the First Time at the Altar
Stolen Moments where the Bride and Groom are Together but do not See Each Other

Image Credits:  About to See Each Other for the First TimeBride and Groom Ecstatic, Groom Wiping Away Tears, Bride Wiping Groom's Tears, Embrace, Bride and Father, Groom Covering His Face, Groom Shouting, Bride Covering Groom's Eyes, Opposite Sides of the Door, Holding Hands, Opposite Sides of the Wall 

Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Finding gifts for the bride and groom doesn't have to be complicated.  Whether you're buying for the wedding day or just to say congrats, there are 3 simple ways to a sure fire gift that the newlyweds will love.

While selecting off the couple's registry is always a good choice, it can sometimes be a bit impersonal.  Everyone wants to give the happy couple a gift that is going to be special and meaningful.  Not just a gift off their registry but a personal gift.  A custom gift.  One that says 'Hey, I was really thinking of you.  I didn't want to just give you cash.  I wanted to give you something you would remember.'  To find that perfect gift, choose from one of three options.   For the home, For a photo, or For the hobbyists.  It's really that simple.

Monogrammed Table Linens
#1) For the home

You can never go wrong with a good housewarming gift.  This is possibly the easiest gift giving idea and will guarantee a heartfelt thank you every time.  Nearly every newlywed will have a new homestead to furnish after the big day.  With a custom housewarming gift, you can't go wrong.  And luckily there are hundreds of great gift ideas to choose from.  Monogrammed table linens, like the one shown left, will leave sense of luxury with the happy couple and are a memento they can pull out on special occasions to dress up the dinner table.  Other linens like monogrammed bath towels, sheet sets, and pillowcases are also great housewarming gifts.  Don't forget the kitchen.  Engraved glassware and wine gifts are traditional gifts for the bride and groom that have not lost their appeal.  Personalized wine glasses are great for the wine loves while monogrammed mason jars are a unique gift idea that will be unexpected but cherished.

Personalized Silver Picture Frames
#2) For a photo 

Capture the bride and groom's special day with gifts that will showcase their wedding photos.  Think engraved picture frames, collage frames, personalized photo albums, and photo coasters. For a unique twist on traditional picture frames, give the happy couple and nice bottle of wine tied with an engraved Christmas tree ornament they can use during their first Christmas together as man and wife.

#3) For the hobbyists

If your newlyweds are a couple that share a love for certain hobbies and activities, then play up on their interests.  Give them a gift that will mean the most to them by basing your gift idea on their shared hobby.  Do they love the outdoors?  Choose a gift like hiking gear, camping gear, skiing gear, or water sporting items.  Do the newlyweds love the travel?  Then they will love custom gifts like personalized luggage tags and leather passport holders.  For an extra special gift idea, monogrammed leather luggage sets are a gift idea that the bride and groom are unlikely to splurge on themselves and will be a gift they will cherish for years and years.

What are you getting the happy couple?  We realize that this is by no means a complete list of every gift idea there is.  We would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment and let us know what you're getting the bride and groom?  Is it one of these ideas or something completely different?

Rustic Winter Wedding Ideas

Rustic winter wedding ideas
The magic of winter.  The glistening, falling snow, the smell of pine in the air, and a crackling fire are just the right ingredients to create the perfect backdrop for a romantic winter wedding.  Now we've all seen the winter wonderland wedding theme done before.  You know the type.  A blue and white color scheme with snowflake decorations.  While beautiful, this traditional winter wedding theme is starting to lose it's luster among modern brides.  For today's bride looking for a unique twist on winter weddings, we love the idea of a rustic affair.  Full of burlap, bark accents, and pine cones.  Don't forget to throw in a few pine trees to add some greenery.  For a unique twist, incorporate snow owls into your decor for a unexpected wintry addition.
Rustic winter wedding ideas
Rustic winter wedding ideas
Rustic winter wedding ideas
Rustic winter wedding ideas
Rustic winter wedding ideas
Rustic winter wedding ideas
Rustic winter wedding ideas
Rustic winter wedding ideas
Rustic winter wedding ideas

Winter Wedding Accessories for a Stunning Celebration

Royal Lace Wedding Accessories Set
When planning your winter wedding, there are so many possibilities for varying themes and styles.  You could have a traditional, glamorous, whimsical, or modern wedding.  With all of these different ways to personalize your wedding to fit your personality, it can sometimes be difficult to find accessories to use for your nuptials.  We have put together a few ideas to help you keep a consistent feel throughout your wedding, using winter wedding accessory collections.  You will find that by choosing a complete collection, it is easy to carry a certain feel through your entire wedding day.

Traditional Wedding Theme
If you are a traditional bride, or even a bride who just wants to feel like royalty on her wedding day, use simple lace and rhinestone accents in bouquets and table settings.  Your guests will be dazzled by the little things that make your wedding special.

Glamorous Wedding Theme
As a glamorous bride, you will have your pick of dramatic accents for your wedding.  Feathers are a great way to add texture and draw the eye.  Use feathers in your centerpieces, hair accessories, and even your bridesmaids’ dresses to give your wedding a fun, glitzy feel.
Whimsical Wedding Theme
The whimsical bride has a perfect opportunity during the winter months to use snowflake accents to add creative touches to a wedding celebration.  Try using glass ornaments as place card holders on your reception tables, and snowflake accents on your snowy-white wedding cake to make your guests feel like they are in a winter wonderland.

Modern Wedding Theme
For the modern bride, a sleek platinum silver wedding is perfect for the white backdrop of a winter wedding.  Use silver bridesmaids’ dresses embellished with bows, rhinestones, crystals, or pearls.  All of these are wonderful accents to a silky satin fabric.  The same materials can be used as table runners and centerpieces for a contemporary feel.

Halloween Party Decorations & Ideas

There's a chill in the air, the leaves are turning, and it's that time again for the ghouls and goblins to start creeping about. This Halloween, whether you're having a frightening bash or simply just love to decorate, be sure to transform your place into a spooktacular venue with these ghoulish ideas.

To add an instantly frightening ambience to your tabletops, tie in fake spider webs and dry ice into your decor.  With just simply two decorations, you will have added an instant creepy factor to your event.  Add in skeletons, fake spiders, hanging ghosts, and bales of hay for added spookiness.  We especially love these easy DIY mummy jars (shown left) from Crafts Redesigned.  So easy to make, simply wrap mason jars in medical gauze and hot glue on some googly eyes.  Slip in some LED lights for a super cute way to light up walkways on trick-or-treat night.

Don't forget the treats!  Homemade cookie cut-outs and caramel apples will inject a bit of the season into your party.  Add a custom touch to your goody grab bags and take-home favors with a personalized message.  Personalized party favors like gift bags, cups, and napkins are great way to say a special message to your guests and showcase your homemade goodies.  For other custom party supplies and ideas, view our entire inventory of Halloween Party Favors.


Wedding Candy Cookie Buffets

We love the idea of wedding cookie buffets instead of your standard candy buffet.  The candy buffet has been around now for a while and is still a popular choice among bride and grooms.  But we say skip the candy and opt for a homemade bakery treat instead.  With weddings today becoming more and more centered upon the little heartwarming details, it only makes sense to start injecting this amount of thoughtfulness into your food too!  What better way to bring a sense of love and family into your wedding day than through homemade cookies using your favorite family recipes.

Depending on the size of your cookie buffet, pick a handful of relatives to bake batches of cookies for your big day.  Find out in advance which cookies they are making and have signs printed up displaying which cookie is which.  Set out personalized goodie bags so your guests can fill up with treats to take home with them.  To add more of a personal touch, add the name of the person whose recipe it is.  Your family and friends will love picking out their favorites.


A Traditional and Romantic Take on Fall Wedding Colors

Romantic fall inspirationThere does not need much explanation of why fall is such a beautiful time of year for a wedding. The weather, the colors present in nature and the feelings of comfort and family that come along with the season are all top selling points! When choosing colors for your fall wedding one can easily be influenced by the colors of the changing leaves and cheery, plump pumpkins of the season. This traditional fall wedding color scheme of oranges, rust, goldens and cream  is a guest favorite! You can't go wrong really with sticking to these warm and welcoming shades. Now if you are a bride who doesn't like to stick to conformity and be constrained by these traditional falls colors, think outside the box. We've put together a romantic color inspiration for your consideration as well. Picture a golden wheat field at dusk with shades or purple-y gray in the sky and the creams and browns of the fields. Simply romantic, and still so totally fall. Read on for our traditional and romantic take on fall wedding colors.

Romantic fall wedding colors

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