DIY Fabric Rosette Accessories

We have fallen in love with the fabric rosette! These sweet and simple fabric flowers are easy to make with the most rudimentary of sewing (or hot glue gun) skills. You have probably seen these little beauties on headbands and hair clips, but they can be used to dress up everything from flower girl dresses to bridal sashes. You can even create matching bouquets and boutonnieres featuring these lovely little faux blossoms. In honor of this trendy look, we've put together an inspiration board with our favorite ways to incorporate fabric rosettes into your wedding. Be sure to check out the link to the tutorial below and learn how to make your own fabric rosettes. Once you get the basic concept, the possibilities are endless!

The above images and products were all found on Etsy, in the following shops: Boutonieres from Bella Sorella Couture, Bridal Belt from Percy Handmade, Garters from Seventh Studio, Hair Pieces from Bella Sorella Couture, Bouquets from Ljubezen Brew.

Want to learn how to make your own fabric rosettes? Check out these tutorials!

This tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous offers step by step instructions with photo examples.

If you prefer a video tutorial, there are several on internet but this one was the one we found to be the most helpful. It shows you how to upcycle fabric you already have to create your rosettes.

Margarita and Bellflower Wedding Inspiration Board

margarita green and bellflower purple colored wedding bouquet

Create a breath taking wedding with a couple tips from the pantone 2012 fashion report. Margarita green and bellflower purple create a beautiful color combination and are two of the trendier color options to choose from. Look to the inspiration of the color name for color inspiration in your wedding. Serve margaritas and use bellflowers in your wedding bouquet. Dress your bridal party in bellflower and add margarita touches, like a sash or boutonniere.

margarita green and bellflower purple wedding inspiration board

Remember when you are selecting your wedding colors and inspiration; that colors that are the opposite of each other on the color wheel, such as purple and green complement each other very well. Whether you look to the newest trends, the color wheel or your favorite colors for your wedding, create a look that inspires you. Good Luck!

Photo Credits: Bellflower dress (, Wedding table setting (Carolyn Roehn Style), Lavender seating cards (Martha Stewart Wedding), Macarons (Tartelette) and Men's Suit (

Delectable Dessert Displays and Sweet Treats – An Inspiration Board

Polka Dot BackdropA growing trend in weddings this year is to offer your guests a sweet treat in the form of a stunning dessert display at your wedding.  Cupcake displays were big last year, but dessert displays will be the big treat for guests this year, focusing more on cookies, specialty desserts, and of course a wedding cake or two!  With so many different tasty options out there, it may be hard to decide what to offer for your guests’ indulgence.  We recommend sticking with you and your soon-to-be hubby’s favorite desserts, whether they include a family recipe for fresh-baked cookies or gourmet goodies.  Plan on three to four miniature desserts per person if no cake is being offered.

Dessert DisplaysDessert Displays
 Dessert Displays

Brides will be going all-out on decorations for their dessert displays this year, and paying attention to even the tiniest detail.  There are so many different options for decorating your dessert display, including a lot of great DIY projects for the crafty bride.  Consider using a cabinet, dresser, or bookshelf for a unique look.  Streamers, pennant bunting, and backdrops are all things that can be crafted at home, or purchased if you are not the do-it-yourself type.  Greenery or balloons are both great options to change the feel of your display.  With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your dessert display into the talk of the evening!

Wedding Reception Centerpieces and Ideas to Fit Your Style

Whether your wedding style is classic chic, hopelessly romantic, or uber modern, we've put together some of our favorite wedding reception centerpiece ideas to fit your individual taste.  When it comes to your table displays, take your time deciding on the perfect arrangement(s). Your wedding centerpieces will help set the overall tone of your event and help give that important first impression.  After all, it's every bride's mission to have their guests ooh and ahh over the gorgeous wedding details they've spent countless months planning and preparing.  Your wedding centerpieces will go a long way in making this vision become a reality.

#1) The Romantic Bride - For romantic brides, it's all in the details.  Create an elegant, breathtaking display of flowers that will lend to your romantic nature.  Romantic centerpieces can be simple or elaborate...monochromatic or full of color.  Mix in berries, nuts, and even pearls to add texture and visual interest to your displays.  When creating fresh floral arrangements, it is important to take into account the time of year you are getting married and check with your florist to see if those flowers will be readily available.

Romantic Wedding Centerpieces and Ideas

#2) The Rustic Bride - For those with a country or woodland aesthetic, give your centerpieces a rustic touch to lend to your earthy style.  Wooden details, natural accents, and earthy color schemes are ideal for rustic looks.  Consider items like simple mason jars filled with wildflowers  and bare tree branches placed lengthwise across each table or placed in tall cylinders.  Wooden planter boxes and potted herbs do double duty as wedding favors.  Just let guests know to take one with them when they head home either through word of mouth or by placing a cute sign on each table.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces and Ideas

#3) The Modern Bride - Like clean lines and monochromatic schemes?  A modern, simple, or eclectic look may be perfect for you.  To pull off modern centerpieces, simple is usually better.  Clean lines and fresh color schemes like pure white with pops of bold color are ideal.  For modern styling, don't be afraid to play with shapes.  Square vases, tall cylinders, and opaque ceramic holders work great for holding your arrangements.  Simple centerpiece arrangements are also the perfect opportunity to get away with bold and/or patterned tablecloths so one does not fight against the other.

Modern Wedding Centerpieces and Ideas

#4) The Classic Bride - Who doesn't love the classic look of candlelight glow.  For more traditional brides, you can't go wrong with the classic styling of candle centerpieces.  To add visual interest and dimension, consider adding candles of varying height to your tables, smaller votives filled with monochromatic flower buds, and/or flower petals to your table.  For a touch of sparkle, place candles in glass candlesticks or hang a sparkling chandelier above your tables.  Don't be afraid to mix candle wedding centerpieces in with any of the other wedding styles too.  To split up an event visually, consider mixing taller floral arrangements with shorter candle arrangements.

Classic Candle Wedding Centerpieces and Ideas
(photo credits: votives, candelabra, pillar candles)

Poppies & Sunshine - A Wedding Color Story

Poppy bloom Almost eerily beautiful, the poppy flower has deep rooted symbolism and meaning behind it. While the Wicked Witch of the West used the poppy's powers of sleep against Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the flower has a more cheerful orientation to it as well. The poppy has associations with beauty, magic and fertility. These delicate wildflowers come in a variety of types and colors. The California Poppy takes center stage in our Poppies and Sunshine Color Inspiration Board. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, the California Poppy's colors range from yellow to light and dark orange. Pair these cheerful blooms with shades of sunshine yellow, sky blue and shadowy gray for a charming wedding color scheme.
Poppies and Sunshine Color Story
Poppies and Sunshine inspiration collage
Add pops of color to your wedding day attire with poppy orange bridesmaid dresses, cool blue ties and floral hair pins, belts and boutonnieres.  Cheery and fun, get inspired by this laid back wedding color scheme  for your spring or summer wedding!

Photo Credits: Single poppy bloom, Poppy Field, Paper flowers, Wedding party by the pool by Heather Kinkaid Photographer, Yellow poppy belt, Blue tie groom by Orchard Grove Photography

Things We Love - Custom Napkins for Your Wedding Reception

Every bride knows, it's all in the details when planning a memorable wedding and that means that something as simple as a napkin can make a big impact on the look and feel of your wedding reception. Of course napkins are, first and foremost, useful. Yet, these functional squares of soft paper can serve a bigger purpose when you factor in color and creative custom printing. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use your custom printed napkins to accent your wedding reception decor.
Colorful Wedding Napkins

Your napkins have the biggest impact as a punch of color on your reception tables, cake table, or dessert display. They can be artfully arranged at each place setting or stacked next to the food stations for blocks of color that speaks to your signature style. Your napkins are best displayed against table linens off a contrasting, but coordinating color. The images above show how the napkins create the punch of color that sets the entire mood of the each place setting as well as the tables as a whole.

Custom Printed Wedding Napkins

Beyond color, the napkins at your wedding reception are the perfect way to send a message to each guest through custom printing. Custom printed napkins allow you to take the blank canvas of a useful paper napkin and turn it into a work of art that helps set the stage for whatever look and feel you are creating at your reception.  An elegant monogram printed on your napkin gives the impression of class and sophistication while a cheeky phrase or graphic sets the mood for a fun, casual evening. You can also use your napkins to help carry out a specific theme by having them printed with a design or phrase that you are using throughout your wedding. Your napkins are the perfect place to showcase your custom monogram or the logo from your wedding invitations. This brings a unity to your wedding decor, making it look and feel professionally planned.
White napkins printed with facts about the bride and groom.

Custom printed napkins also double as a scrap book keepsake as they are often printed with the bride and grooms names and wedding date. Knowing this, a lot of couples get creative with the art they choose to have printed on their napkins by either purchasing or creating their own custom art. Others choose to use their printed wedding napkins as an avenue to communicate with and entertain their guests. One of our favorite napkins trends is the printing of fun facts about the bride and groom on each napkin. Along these same lines, couples can print "icebreakers" on the napkins that draw guests into conversation. Word searches and scavengar hunts printed on your napkins also provide entertainment for your guests as they wait to be served.

Looking for custom printed napkins your own wedding? Find a variety of colors and styles here.


Image Credits: Yellow Table Setting from Yellow Weddings, Pink and White Table from Country Living, Blue Table Setting from Unknown Source, Tied the Knot napkins from Style Me Pretty, Did You Know Napkins from My Wedding Reception Ideas. 

Decorating Your Wedding Dance Floor Made Easy

Your wedding reception dance floor is where the magic happens. It is the place where you will appear in front of your guest, family and friends for the first dance, the garter toss, the father and daughter dance and so on. You are going to want to make your dance floor stand out to your guests just as much as every other aspect of your wedding. We have listed some tips and photos below to give you inspiration and the edge on decorating ideas.

Wedding Dance Floor Decorated with Strings of Twinkle Lights

Simple strands of twinkle lights can make your dance floor unforgettable. Just remember when it comes to lights, more is more. The more lights you can tack up on the ceiling like the photo above the better and the more sparkle you dance floor will appear to have. The best thing about this idea is the price.

Dance Floor Decorated with Bird Cage Lights

Be creative when it comes to lighting. Almost anything can be made in to a light with just a little ingenuity and time. If you love anything DIY then consider the photo to the right. The bird cage lights are so beautiful and whimsical, they become the perfect touch to an outdoor wedding reception dance floor. 

Wedding Dance Floor Decorated With Parasols

Another fun and creative idea is to use parasols for your wedding lighting. Parasols can be purchased for a good price and normally come in a large range of colors and styles. I love the photo to the left and how they used several different colors and styles to create a dance floor that is truly unique.

Wedding Dance Floor Decorated With Personalized Lighting

A new trend for decorating your wedding dance floor is special lighting created for you especially. In the photo to the right you will see the bride and grooms names illuminated across the dance floor. This is extremely beautiful and personal. Most larger DJ companies have the equipment and the pricing to do this kind of lightning for your reception dance floor.

Wedding Dance Floor Decorated with Personalized Wedding Decal

Another trendy dance floor decoration is the dance floor decal. The dance floor decals can be personalized with your names, monogram, wedding date, last name etc. The decals also come in a large variety of colors and styles to suit most brides. This is another very affordable alternative for decorating and the clings can be used again at a later anniversary party.

Wedding Dance Floor Decorated with Paper Lanterns

One of our favorite dance floor decorations are the paper lanterns. Paper lanterns can be found in several different colors and shapes to create a look that is all your own. Go all out with fuchsia, lime and orange lanterns or create a simple and subtle atmosphere with a lovely mix of ivory and soft yellows as the photo to the right.

Of course when it comes to decorating your wedding reception dance floor you are going to find that anything that you can possible do yourself will be the cheapest route if you are on a tight budget. Whatever you decide, make it fun and personal to you and your dance floor will be one of a kind. Good Luck!

Photo Credits: Twinkle Light Ceiling by Craig Mitchelldyer Photography, Bird Cage Lights by, Parasol Ceiling by 100 Layer Cake,  Personalized Lighting by and Paper Lanterns by

Exquisite Ideas for Engagement Photographs – A Collection of Inspiration Boards

Now that you and your man are engaged, you will have the wonderfully exciting task of planning a wedding.  One of the first things you will want to consider is having engagement photos taken, which is where these ideas for exciting engagement photographs come in.  Your engagement photos will give you a chance to show off your love for your fiancĂ©, and of course your ring.  You will likely want to look back on your photos someday and see a reflection of your life as a couple.

You will probably want to have several different themes and concepts in mind when heading to your photography session.  Some of our favorite engagement photos show the couple simply having fun together.  Consider bringing funny props that represent things that one or both of you enjoy.  Using a ball from your favorite sport, a bicycle, or even bubble gum can bring joy to both you and your photographs.

Photos that Focus on You

Another type of photographs that is sure to impress is a simple shot of you and your soon-to-be husband sharing a quiet moment together.  Share a sweet story or simply say something touching to your fiancĂ© to bring out a loving gesture to be captured by your photographer.  Your genuine love for each other will shine through into your pictures and will be a priceless keepsake for the rest of your lives together.

Photos that Focus on Fun

Great locations also help your photographer to capture great photos.  Think about places near your home where the landscapes are breathtaking.  The combination of the view, and you and your future hubby looking incredible together will make for a gorgeous photograph.  It may take some creative thinking, but it will be worth the stunning photographs you will be left with!

Photos that Focus on Location

Remember to express your personalities and have as much fun as possible with your engagement session!  For more helpful ideas, tips and tricks, check out Amanda's article on engagement photography here.

Top Ten 2012 Wedding Trends

Lace Back Clair Pettibone Gown
All across the bridalsphere there seems to be a general consensus about 2012 weddings... goodbye DIY!  As we move into 2012, it's time to wave goodbye to the DIY wedding trend and welcome a more classic take on vintage elegance.  While we all can agree that the vintage, DIY trend will still continue on into 2012 seen mostly through rustic and natural elements like homemade centerpieces and flower arrangements, 2012 will be the year for romance. Expect lavish details, lace, and glittery accents for a more romantic take on vintage weddings with less of the homemade projects. Sorry DIYers!

2012 weddings will see inspiration from media influences like last year's Royal Wedding and the recent Twilight saga Breaking Dawn. The rustic, woodland decor seen in Twilight's gorgeous outdoor wedding scene will be among the many copied looks for this year while Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding will be the most coveted of wedding styles. Long sleeved and lace wedding gowns will be among the most popular trends in 2012 for those looking to recreate the classic, elegant look of Kate's stunning Sarah Burton gown.

According to Pantone's recent color forecast, bright and bold colors are also making a swift comeback as we head into Spring. Tangerine has been announced as their choice for color of the year and we are expecting this bright color to be among one of the hot wedding colors in 2012 as well. For a bold statement consider mixing this color with a bright girly pink. Other great color pair ups are modern gray or taupe, yellow, or sodalite blue.

Now to get down to business...check out our top 10 picks below forecasting what are sure to be the hottest wedding trends in 2012.

#10 - A New Take on Old Photography
Lauren Bush and David Lauren Wedding via Vogue

#9 - Multi-Way Bridesmaids Dresses and Classy Tuxedos
Multi-Way Bridesmads dresses and Classy Tuxedos

#8 - Tiered Wedding Cakes and Signature Foods
Wedding Cakes via Brides

#7 - Period Inspiration and Old Hollywood Style
Period Inspiration and Old Hollywood Style

#6 - All That Glitters
Gold glitter pumps

#5 - Traditional Veils and Grecian Headpieces
Lauren Bush and David Lauren Wedding via Vogue

#4 - Tangerine and Color Palettes That Pop
Tangerine and color palettes that Pop

#3 - Natural and Rustic Elements
Twilight wedding arch

#2 - Lavish Centerpieces and Decor
Table inspiration and centerpieces via Ariella Chezar

#1 - Lace, Sleeves, and Low Back Wedding Dresses
Lace, Sleeves, and Low Back Wedding Dresses

Credits: Lace Back Claire Pettibone Gown, #10 via Vogue, #9 tux via Lane Dittoe, Bridesmaids dresses via Two Birds, #8 via Brides, #7 via Green Wedding Shoes, #6 from Every Last Detail, #5 via Vogue, #4 pink and gray wedding via Ariella Chezar, Pink and orange wedding from Every Last Detail, #3 from The Vegas Wedding Planner, #2 via Ariella Chezar, #1 Legends by Romonakeveza, Jenny Packham, Coan Couture

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