Exquisite Ideas for Engagement Photographs – A Collection of Inspiration Boards

Now that you and your man are engaged, you will have the wonderfully exciting task of planning a wedding.  One of the first things you will want to consider is having engagement photos taken, which is where these ideas for exciting engagement photographs come in.  Your engagement photos will give you a chance to show off your love for your fiancé, and of course your ring.  You will likely want to look back on your photos someday and see a reflection of your life as a couple.

You will probably want to have several different themes and concepts in mind when heading to your photography session.  Some of our favorite engagement photos show the couple simply having fun together.  Consider bringing funny props that represent things that one or both of you enjoy.  Using a ball from your favorite sport, a bicycle, or even bubble gum can bring joy to both you and your photographs.

Photos that Focus on You

Another type of photographs that is sure to impress is a simple shot of you and your soon-to-be husband sharing a quiet moment together.  Share a sweet story or simply say something touching to your fiancé to bring out a loving gesture to be captured by your photographer.  Your genuine love for each other will shine through into your pictures and will be a priceless keepsake for the rest of your lives together.

Photos that Focus on Fun

Great locations also help your photographer to capture great photos.  Think about places near your home where the landscapes are breathtaking.  The combination of the view, and you and your future hubby looking incredible together will make for a gorgeous photograph.  It may take some creative thinking, but it will be worth the stunning photographs you will be left with!

Photos that Focus on Location

Remember to express your personalities and have as much fun as possible with your engagement session!  For more helpful ideas, tips and tricks, check out Amanda's article on engagement photography here.

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