Poppies & Sunshine - A Wedding Color Story

Poppy bloom Almost eerily beautiful, the poppy flower has deep rooted symbolism and meaning behind it. While the Wicked Witch of the West used the poppy's powers of sleep against Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the flower has a more cheerful orientation to it as well. The poppy has associations with beauty, magic and fertility. These delicate wildflowers come in a variety of types and colors. The California Poppy takes center stage in our Poppies and Sunshine Color Inspiration Board. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, the California Poppy's colors range from yellow to light and dark orange. Pair these cheerful blooms with shades of sunshine yellow, sky blue and shadowy gray for a charming wedding color scheme.
Poppies and Sunshine Color Story
Poppies and Sunshine inspiration collage
Add pops of color to your wedding day attire with poppy orange bridesmaid dresses, cool blue ties and floral hair pins, belts and boutonnieres.  Cheery and fun, get inspired by this laid back wedding color scheme  for your spring or summer wedding!

Photo Credits: Single poppy bloom, Poppy Field, Paper flowers, Wedding party by the pool by Heather Kinkaid Photographer, Yellow poppy belt, Blue tie groom by Orchard Grove Photography

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