Creative Centerpiece Trends for 2012

As the focal point of each reception table as well as the overall look of the room, a bride wants to put a lot of thought into her wedding reception centerpieces.  Of course, one can never go wrong with fragrant floral arrangements, but a bride these days has no reason to limit herself to bouquets and topiaries made of flowers and greenery. There are many options for creating stunning displays that are often less expensive and more memorable than your standard arrangement of blooms. The lovely candle display shown here from Real Simple is only one alternative. Here are our favorite non-floral centerpiece ideas for 2012.

Edible Elements 
Image Credits: Strawberry Topiary from The Bride Suite, Veggie Bouquet from The Hostess Blog,
Doughnut Tier from Martha Stewart

Dessert buffets and other food stations were a favorite for 2011. This year, scale it down and bring the banquet to your guests' tables. From mini wedding cakes on each table to tiers of donuts and macaroons, your guests certainly won't mind having their lovely desserts right at their fingertips. You can also offer healthier options like bouquets of veggies or fruit with decorative dishes full of sweet and savory dips. The center of the table is the perfect place to display these colorful treats. The best part? The centerpieces double as part of the menu, which can save you quite a bit of money if you plan it right.

Balloon Brandishing 
Image Credits: White Dessert Table from Once Wed, Balloon Table Number from Martha Stewart,
Pastel Balloons from Martha Stewart, Balloon Room from Green Wedding Shoes

Yes, normally balloons are meant for birthday parties but the lovely, oversized helium variety can actually look quite elegant and romantic, floating like a physical manifestation of the weightless joy a bride feels on her wedding day. These large round balloons can create the same whimsical look as hanging lanterns without the worry over how to hang them as they literally suspend themselves. And as a famous little yellow bear is noted for saying, "Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon."

Paper Presentations 
Image Credits: Book Display from Once Wed, Pinwheels from Emmaline Wed,
Paper Spheres from Better Homes and Gardens

Paper is relatively inexpensive, can be recycled, and can also be upcycled from what you already own to create fabulous DIY centerpieces. Paper flowers and origami spheres make lovely arrangements that guests can keep forever, unlike real flowers. Whimsical pinwheels put a cheerful spin on any table display, while upcycled books and pages can show off your intellectual side in a playful and romantic way.

Still struggling to come up with the perfect centerpiece? Make a list of your hobbies and interests, either individually or as a couple, and find a way to showcase them on each table. You may be surprised how simple is it is to come up with something wonderful and unique when you are drawing ideas from your true passions and interests.

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