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Every bride knows, it's all in the details when planning a memorable wedding and that means that something as simple as a napkin can make a big impact on the look and feel of your wedding reception. Of course napkins are, first and foremost, useful. Yet, these functional squares of soft paper can serve a bigger purpose when you factor in color and creative custom printing. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use your custom printed napkins to accent your wedding reception decor.
Colorful Wedding Napkins

Your napkins have the biggest impact as a punch of color on your reception tables, cake table, or dessert display. They can be artfully arranged at each place setting or stacked next to the food stations for blocks of color that speaks to your signature style. Your napkins are best displayed against table linens off a contrasting, but coordinating color. The images above show how the napkins create the punch of color that sets the entire mood of the each place setting as well as the tables as a whole.

Custom Printed Wedding Napkins

Beyond color, the napkins at your wedding reception are the perfect way to send a message to each guest through custom printing. Custom printed napkins allow you to take the blank canvas of a useful paper napkin and turn it into a work of art that helps set the stage for whatever look and feel you are creating at your reception.  An elegant monogram printed on your napkin gives the impression of class and sophistication while a cheeky phrase or graphic sets the mood for a fun, casual evening. You can also use your napkins to help carry out a specific theme by having them printed with a design or phrase that you are using throughout your wedding. Your napkins are the perfect place to showcase your custom monogram or the logo from your wedding invitations. This brings a unity to your wedding decor, making it look and feel professionally planned.
White napkins printed with facts about the bride and groom.

Custom printed napkins also double as a scrap book keepsake as they are often printed with the bride and grooms names and wedding date. Knowing this, a lot of couples get creative with the art they choose to have printed on their napkins by either purchasing or creating their own custom art. Others choose to use their printed wedding napkins as an avenue to communicate with and entertain their guests. One of our favorite napkins trends is the printing of fun facts about the bride and groom on each napkin. Along these same lines, couples can print "icebreakers" on the napkins that draw guests into conversation. Word searches and scavengar hunts printed on your napkins also provide entertainment for your guests as they wait to be served.

Looking for custom printed napkins your own wedding? Find a variety of colors and styles here.


Image Credits: Yellow Table Setting from Yellow Weddings, Pink and White Table from Country Living, Blue Table Setting from Unknown Source, Tied the Knot napkins from Style Me Pretty, Did You Know Napkins from My Wedding Reception Ideas. 

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