Top Ten 2012 Wedding Trends

Lace Back Clair Pettibone Gown
All across the bridalsphere there seems to be a general consensus about 2012 weddings... goodbye DIY!  As we move into 2012, it's time to wave goodbye to the DIY wedding trend and welcome a more classic take on vintage elegance.  While we all can agree that the vintage, DIY trend will still continue on into 2012 seen mostly through rustic and natural elements like homemade centerpieces and flower arrangements, 2012 will be the year for romance. Expect lavish details, lace, and glittery accents for a more romantic take on vintage weddings with less of the homemade projects. Sorry DIYers!

2012 weddings will see inspiration from media influences like last year's Royal Wedding and the recent Twilight saga Breaking Dawn. The rustic, woodland decor seen in Twilight's gorgeous outdoor wedding scene will be among the many copied looks for this year while Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding will be the most coveted of wedding styles. Long sleeved and lace wedding gowns will be among the most popular trends in 2012 for those looking to recreate the classic, elegant look of Kate's stunning Sarah Burton gown.

According to Pantone's recent color forecast, bright and bold colors are also making a swift comeback as we head into Spring. Tangerine has been announced as their choice for color of the year and we are expecting this bright color to be among one of the hot wedding colors in 2012 as well. For a bold statement consider mixing this color with a bright girly pink. Other great color pair ups are modern gray or taupe, yellow, or sodalite blue.

Now to get down to business...check out our top 10 picks below forecasting what are sure to be the hottest wedding trends in 2012.

#10 - A New Take on Old Photography
Lauren Bush and David Lauren Wedding via Vogue

#9 - Multi-Way Bridesmaids Dresses and Classy Tuxedos
Multi-Way Bridesmads dresses and Classy Tuxedos

#8 - Tiered Wedding Cakes and Signature Foods
Wedding Cakes via Brides

#7 - Period Inspiration and Old Hollywood Style
Period Inspiration and Old Hollywood Style

#6 - All That Glitters
Gold glitter pumps

#5 - Traditional Veils and Grecian Headpieces
Lauren Bush and David Lauren Wedding via Vogue

#4 - Tangerine and Color Palettes That Pop
Tangerine and color palettes that Pop

#3 - Natural and Rustic Elements
Twilight wedding arch

#2 - Lavish Centerpieces and Decor
Table inspiration and centerpieces via Ariella Chezar

#1 - Lace, Sleeves, and Low Back Wedding Dresses
Lace, Sleeves, and Low Back Wedding Dresses

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