Wedding Reception Centerpieces and Ideas to Fit Your Style

Whether your wedding style is classic chic, hopelessly romantic, or uber modern, we've put together some of our favorite wedding reception centerpiece ideas to fit your individual taste.  When it comes to your table displays, take your time deciding on the perfect arrangement(s). Your wedding centerpieces will help set the overall tone of your event and help give that important first impression.  After all, it's every bride's mission to have their guests ooh and ahh over the gorgeous wedding details they've spent countless months planning and preparing.  Your wedding centerpieces will go a long way in making this vision become a reality.

#1) The Romantic Bride - For romantic brides, it's all in the details.  Create an elegant, breathtaking display of flowers that will lend to your romantic nature.  Romantic centerpieces can be simple or elaborate...monochromatic or full of color.  Mix in berries, nuts, and even pearls to add texture and visual interest to your displays.  When creating fresh floral arrangements, it is important to take into account the time of year you are getting married and check with your florist to see if those flowers will be readily available.

Romantic Wedding Centerpieces and Ideas

#2) The Rustic Bride - For those with a country or woodland aesthetic, give your centerpieces a rustic touch to lend to your earthy style.  Wooden details, natural accents, and earthy color schemes are ideal for rustic looks.  Consider items like simple mason jars filled with wildflowers  and bare tree branches placed lengthwise across each table or placed in tall cylinders.  Wooden planter boxes and potted herbs do double duty as wedding favors.  Just let guests know to take one with them when they head home either through word of mouth or by placing a cute sign on each table.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces and Ideas

#3) The Modern Bride - Like clean lines and monochromatic schemes?  A modern, simple, or eclectic look may be perfect for you.  To pull off modern centerpieces, simple is usually better.  Clean lines and fresh color schemes like pure white with pops of bold color are ideal.  For modern styling, don't be afraid to play with shapes.  Square vases, tall cylinders, and opaque ceramic holders work great for holding your arrangements.  Simple centerpiece arrangements are also the perfect opportunity to get away with bold and/or patterned tablecloths so one does not fight against the other.

Modern Wedding Centerpieces and Ideas

#4) The Classic Bride - Who doesn't love the classic look of candlelight glow.  For more traditional brides, you can't go wrong with the classic styling of candle centerpieces.  To add visual interest and dimension, consider adding candles of varying height to your tables, smaller votives filled with monochromatic flower buds, and/or flower petals to your table.  For a touch of sparkle, place candles in glass candlesticks or hang a sparkling chandelier above your tables.  Don't be afraid to mix candle wedding centerpieces in with any of the other wedding styles too.  To split up an event visually, consider mixing taller floral arrangements with shorter candle arrangements.

Classic Candle Wedding Centerpieces and Ideas
(photo credits: votives, candelabra, pillar candles)

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