Ombre Obsession - A Wedding Inspiration Board

Pink Ombre Ruffles
Ombre, from a French word meaning "shading," is our new favorite way to make a colorful statement in your wedding. The idea behind this look is creating a color palette consisting of graduating shades similar to those created by dip dying fabric. You can use any color you wish or even a group of colors, like red, orange, and yellow or shades of blue and purple. We chose to use pink for our inspiration board because it is the color we see most often in ombre. This trend seems to also go hand in hand with lovely ruffles everything from cakes to dresses to decor. Ombre ruffling creates such a fun, romantic look and we knew we had to share it with all our spring and summer brides.

Here are few simple tips for brides using an ombre theme...

1. Tone down your color palette by choosing a neutral color that will be used on the majority of your decor. Shades of grey are on trend right now, as are shades of pure white and creamier tones of ivory. If you want a more dramatic look, go for black or brown as your backdrop. This will keep your ombre from being too overwhelming.

2. Dip dyed bridesmaids dresses aren't every girl's style. Instead, dress your bridesmaids in solid colors that are one shade darker than the girl's dress on her right. When they all stand together in a row, the ombre effect will be stunningly subtle. Your groomsmen can wear whatever neutral shade you have chosen with ties or boutonnieres that coordinate with the shades used in the bridesmaid dresses.

3. Check out paint swatches at your local hardware store for color inspiration. Usually the colors on these swatches already show perfectly graduating shades.

We hope you enjoy the inspiration board we've put together. For more ideas, follow our Ombre Wedding Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

Wedding Ceremony Inspiration Board Featuring Pink Ombre Ruffles

Wedding Reception Inspiration Board Featuring Pink Ombre Ruffles

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Let's Head to the Beach Wedding Inspiration Board

Beach weddings are still a hot trend in 2012 and if you are thinking of planning one you are in good company. Many brides are deciding to go with the beach wedding these days because they can be much cheaper and let's face it, more fun. Beach themed or beach weddings are not just about a blue color palette. Your beach wedding can have any color palette you desire. By adding sand, seashells and tropical flowers you can make the beach wedding of your dreams. Let this beach wedding inspiration board inspire you with your wedding plans.

With a little planning, your wedding day will be the beach wedding you have been dreaming of. We wish you sunshine and blue skys for your beach wedding day. Good Luck!

Photo Credits: both beach bride and groom and tropical table setting are from;, the beach bridal bouquet is from;,  and the beach wedding collection, flip flops, lanterns and place card frames can all be found at

A Masquerade Ball Wedding Inspiration Board for a Magical Night

Bride Wearing Elegant Mask

In the spirit of Mardi Gras, we have put together a few wonderful ideas for a Masquerade Ball themed wedding.  At some point in your life, you may have dreamed of attending a grand ball with glamorous dresses, wonderful food, dancing, and of course incredible romance.  A Masquerade Ball wedding could be the theme you are looking for if you want a formal affair that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

A grand ball gown for you, and Victorian-looking tux for your groom will get you on track to a perfectly planned Masquerade Wedding.  Should you choose to have your ceremony in a church, masks may not be appropriate for the ceremony, but you can opt for an extravagant hairpiece, maybe with a short veil or ostrich feathers.  Traditional colors for a Masquerade-themed event include rich hues like royal purples, reds, and greens accented by gold, silver, and black.  

Masquerade Wedding Inspiration
Masquerade Wedding Inspiration
Your guests will be thrilled to see the magical wedding you create.  You can find romantic and elegant hand-made masks through many sites.  (Helpful Hint: Check Etsy for some of these wonderful masks.)  Remember to stay true to your interests, and create the Masquerade Ball Wedding of your dreams!

Mouthwatering Signature Wedding Cocktails

Mason Jar Wedding Cocktails via Green Wedding Shoes
Add a personal touch to your wedding reception by offering up a signature cocktail to your guests.  Deciding on the perfect signature drink for your reception may be as simple as matching colors or as involved as telling a story about how you met.  With the huge variety of drink options available, it's no secret that you are going to need to do a bit of research to really find the right cocktail for your wedding.  (But hey the taste testing makes it totally worth the research!).

To decide on the right cocktail, consider picking a drink that includes your favorite liquor, one that matches your color scheme, or one that simply just sounds delicious.  To add a personal touch, choose a drink that fits with your personality or tells a story about how you met.  Seasonal drinks are an easy way to impress too.  Spring or Summer wedding?  Think clean, crisp, and fresh drinks that have lime, lemon, or mango flavors.  Fall wedding?  Consider spiced apple cider.  Winter wedding?  Peppermint drinks, eggnog, and cinnamon spiced cocktails will appeal to the season.

For those looking to save a little money, skip the cocktails all together and offer an assortment of your favorite wine or beer as your signature drink.  You will save time and money by simply limiting the amount of ingredients.  For the less frugal bride and groom, consider offering two drinks instead of just one.  His and Her drinks are a great way to get the conversation flowing and make both genders equally happy.  Offer one drink that has a rougher edge like an Old-Fashioned or Manhattan for the men and another with a feminine appeal like a Cosmo or Sex on the Beach for the ladies.

NA Wedding?  Just because your wedding reception is alcohol free, doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun.  Simply turn your signature cocktail into a wine-free sangria or a pumped up punch full of fruit slices and berries.  Vintage coke bottles, personalized cups, striped straws, and other whimsical accessories are all great ways to jazz up NA drinks.

To help you with inspiration for your own signature concoction, we scoured Pinterest and came up with these mouthwatering cocktails and drink stations that we just love.  Cheers!

Signature Wedding Cocktails
Signature Wedding Cocktails
Signature Wedding Cocktails

Don't forget to name your signature cocktail.  After all, it's called signature for a reason.  Try out name generators like this one to take your wedding drink to the next level.  Still unsure what drink to serve, here is another great drink generator for never ending recipe ideas.

Things We Love - Succulent Summer Wedding Flowers

Succulent and engagement ringSoft, supple and so sweet for a summer wedding, succulent flowers are one of the many things that we love! Recently we have noticed that these fleshy little beauties have found their way into wedding ceremonies and reception decor everywhere. The unexpected use of these non-traditional flowers makes for a striking and simply lovely look! While usually a soft green or gray shade of these plants are used to accent more traditional floral selections, these plants also come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. For all you nature conscious brides out there, these plants are known for their eco-friendly qualities. The plants are able to survive in very dry and arid climates and can survive on very little water. Because of their easy growth, usually no pesticides or chemicals are used. Also, the plants live nearly forever! Once succulents are cut for use in your bouquet and other wedding decor, they will last for weeks and can then be planted! These hearty flowers are perfect for summer weddings because they can withstand the heat of the day without wilting. Check out our inspiration board featuring gorgeous succulents paired with shades of green, cream and yellow.

Succulent wedding flowers

If you think you might be interested in incorporating succulent plants into your wedding theme check out these popular varieties: Aeonium, Graptoveria, Echeveria, Rosularia, Sempervivum.
Image Credits: Engagement ring and succulent from Green Wedding Shoes, Bride and groom, Boutonniere close up, Peony succulent bouquet, Bridesmaid bouquets, Imagine succulent wedding favors, Daisy and succulent centerpieces from Simply Bloom Photography, Chair and bouquet

Apricot, Peach, and Blush - A Wedding Color Story

Spring and summer weddings will be full of romance and soft colors this year. One of our favorite palettes combines shades of apricot, peach, and beautiful blush. The warm tones in this color scheme are invitingly soft and delicate, yet manage to be subtly striking and breathtakingly gorgeous. We've seen these colors used most often in vintage and Victorian inspired themes, so we combined them here with hints of lace, English roses, and beautiful Victorian cameos. This look has everything a blushing bride could ask for, with a whisper of romance and a hint of hopeful spring blossoms.    

Peach and Blush Color Palette
Peach and Blush Wedding Color Scheme

Image Credits: Peach and Lace Dress from Simply Bloom Photography, Burlap and Cameo invitations from Invitation Crush,  Cupcake Heart Photo from Ooh Pretty Shiny on Etsy, Pink Cupcakes from Martha Stewart, Cameo Cake from JL Designs, Roses and Lanterns from Lisa Lefkowitz via Snippet and Ink

How to Use Cake Toppers to Create Stunning Centerpieces for Your Wedding

Silver Monogram Letter Cake Picks

Wedding centerpieces do not have to be large flower filled vases that break the bank or floating candles that are used most commonly. If you are looking for a way to create something that is truly unique and different then you should consider cake toppers. Yes, cake toppers. Wedding cake toppers come in so many beautiful styles and designs that you can create something that is completely original.

Cake topper picks are a new and trendy item we see on wedding cakes, but don't forget that these picks can also be stuck into your flower center pieces to add drama and interest. If you love DIY like we do, then consider creating your own unique centerpieces with this idea. Stick the picks in vases filled with sand, rocks or floral foam. You can use your initials, monogram and even spell out different small words, like LOVE, JOY, KISS or U&ME according to how large your vases are. This look will definitely create a buzz at your wedding reception.

Showered with Love, Love Pinch and Picture Perfect Bride and Groom

Bride and groom figurine cake toppers have certainly come a long way since your mother got married. You can find figurines that are funny, serious, and romantic, with blonde hair, red or blonde. Place different bride and grooms on each table to show off you and your fiancés hobbies, sense of humor or romantic style. The figurines can sit on the tables with votive candles and flower peddles surrounding their unique pose. This idea is not only fun by your friends and family will love it.

Ampersand Sign, Design Your Own and Round Acrylic Personalized Cake Toppers

Personalized cake toppers would add a special touch to each table centerpiece. You could place the cake topper on a mirror with decorative table confetti and votive candles to create a stunning look that your guests are sure to love. This also gives you a way to show off your personality. Personalized cake toppers come with many design options, color themes and letter style. You could even have something different printed on each cake topper to give your guest something to admire and talk about during your reception.

Ornamental cake toppers are another perfect way to show off your personal style. Choose a cake topper with a modern design or something that matches your heritage such as an Irish claddagh design. You can also take these gorgeous love birds and place them in a nest and lay one on each table as the photo shown. This is a beautiful and very special way to show your wedding guest, friends and family your taste, personality and style.

When it comes to making a centerpiece there is no wrong answer. I hope these ideas inspire you to create a masterpiece of your own. The most important tips are: keep it simple, keep it out of your guests view line and make it unique to your wedding. Good Luck.

Sundresses and Sandals - A Bright and Cheery Wedding Color Story

Lemon CenterpieceWith the winter well underway, we are ready for bright and cheery spring and summer weddings!  Check out this lemon, tangerine, and sangria inspiration board.  With the bright yellows, oranges, and pinks you will be sure to love the exciting photos we have collected with warm and sunny days in mind.  The fun and cheerful wedding ideas featured here have us daydreaming of sundresses, sandals, and flowers in our hair.

As shown in the inspiration board, there are many great ways to bring color into your wedding.  One of our favorites is the use of bright blooms in so many different ways.  We love colorful flowers in different types and sizes mixed and matched for a stunning look.  Depending on your location, you may even be able to grow or pick wildflowers in every shade imaginable.  Have your florist, or a friend with a green thumb, give you some recommend some great types of flowers for your wedding.
Lemon, Tangerine, and Sangria Inspiration Board
Lemon, Tangerine, and Sangria Inspiration Board

Image Credits: Lemon Centerpiece, Bright Bouquet, Cake, Mason Jar Drinks, Umbrellas, Flag and Flower Centerpiece, Handkerchief, Bright Flower Centerpiece, Yellow Shoes, Macaroons, Reception Table, Bride’s Bouquet 

How to Make Photo Centerpieces with Candles

How to Make Photo Centerpieces with Candles
Inspired from the DIY master Martha Stewart, we had to try these super cute do it yourself photo centerpieces for ourselves (with our own wedding twist of course).  Read on to learn how to make these glowing photo masterpieces.  So simple and inexpensive, one centerpiece cost us just around $4.  View Martha's original tutorial here.

We think these lantern centerpieces are particularly great because they are easy to make and are great conversation starters.  They work for any type of setting from wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners to anniversary parties and birthdays.

With just a home printer and a few household items, you can create this stunning focal point for your wedding and truly let your own personality shine through. (pun intended.  heehee)

What you'll need:

3-4 same size picture frames (makes one centerpiece)
Translucent vellum paper in white or ecru (or 24lb paper stock substitute)
A few of your favorite photos
Home printer
Glass enclosed votive candles (or LED substitute)
Cloth Tape

How to Make Photo Centerpieces with Candles
Step 1 - Get all your supplies ready for assembly.  We recommend grabbing a few friends to help and create a bit of an assembly line.  Begin to disassemble your frames, removing and discarding the backing completely.  Keep the front of your frames and the glass inserts.  Paint or stain the fronts of your frames if desired letting them dry completely.

Step 2 - With photo editing software like Photoshop or PhotoFiltre, convert your photos to black and white or sepia.   Resize your photos to fit the frames you've purchased.  Print your photos onto the vellum paper you purchased.

Step 3 - Cut out all your photos trimming and discarding the excess vellum paper.  Set aside your cut-out photos to be inserted into your frames.

Step 4 - After cleaning your glass inserts with Windex, place the glass back into your frames.  Once dry, insert your photos into your frames face down.  Keeping the glass fronts in your frames will help protect your photos and make your centerpieces a bit sturdier.  Fold your picture frame tabs in place to hold your picture.  If your frame does not have tabs, simply add some tape to the edges of your photo to hold it in place.

Step 5 - Line up each of your frames side by side making sure they fit snugly together.  Place a line of cloth tape down the seam where your frames meet and press firmly on the tape to secure.  Continue repeating this until you come to the last frame.  Place a strip of tape so that half of the tape hangs of the edge of your frame.  Stand your frame upright and connect your exposed sides together to finish off your centerpiece.  Place your photo centerpieces around a glass enclosed votive candle to ensure your lantern does not catch fire.  You can also substitute your candle for an LED votive for added fire safety.

We created cube shaped centerpieces by using four 5 x 7 frames.  You can also opt for triangle shaped centerpieces by using three frames instead of four.  For added visual interest, choose frames that are different heights.  Make one centerpiece using 5 x 7 inch frames and another using 4 x 6 inch frames.  Set each completed centerpiece next to each other and surround with additional votive candles and flowers for a show stopping wedding table setting.

One of a Kind Unique Wedding Bands for Your Man

So you think you're the only one in the relationship who wants a fancy ring? Think again! Guys have their own unique style and personality, so should their wedding band! And you thought it was only the groom who had the pressure of picking out a perfect ring. With the extensive selection of wedding band styles and designs for men available these days, a girl can get a little confused. So here is a run-down of the finest and most fun ideas for unique wedding bands for your man!
Nature Inspired
Nature inspired wedding bands

Is your guy a nature fanatic or a fan of the outdoors? He may appreciate a natural, organic feel to his ring. Wedding bands with nature designs range from wheat patterned to wood grained! A textured pebble look creates a peaceful appearance as well. Nature inspired wedding bands aren't flashy and bright, they are understated and tasteful. If this sounds like your man check out the above ring designs from Rings Unique.
Tree Design
Tree design wedding bands

Tree design wedding bands are as unique as they come! Showcasing a design that is deep rooted with much meaning, the Tree of Life Designs featured above are everlasting symbols of love and family over the generations. The strong symbol embodies the virtues of strength and faith that are necessary in marriage. Rings Unique offers tree design wedding bands in both men's and women's styles.

Contemporary wedding bands
If your groom is a modern man who appreciates clean style and industrial design, then a contemporary wedding band is right up his ally. Contemporary wedding bands can be  smooth and polished or rough and rugged. This style of ring can have diamond settings or unique detailing. This is the type of ring for a real man's-man! The above rings are available through Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry.
Unique wedding bands

Unique wedding bands

If your fiancĂ© is not the average guy than he shouldn't be wearing just the average ring. For those men out there that appreciate a more quirky style, consider a super unique wedding band that is suited to his personality. The unique options for wedding bands out there are endless! Consider a ring crafted from the remains of a four billion year old iron-ore meteorite (the first ring pictured above)! The next ring shown above features bands of titanium surrounding a strip of exotic Koa wood from Hawaii. Choose a wedding band with distinctive coloring or structural design. Rings constructed of super unique materials will become a topic of conversation for your man. He will love to tell others about the extra special wedding band that his wife picked out for him.
The 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th rings can be found at Rings Unique. The 2nd Ring is from Hawaiian Koa Wood Rings. The 5th ring is from George Sawyer.

If you are unsure of which route to go regarding your groom-to-be's wedding band, go ahead and ask him! There is no reason why he shouldn't have a say in the matter. He will have to look at the ring every day of his life so it is best if he is fond of it! If you are already sure of your special one's style, go ahead and surprise him with a ring you picked out yourself!

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