A Masquerade Ball Wedding Inspiration Board for a Magical Night

Bride Wearing Elegant Mask

In the spirit of Mardi Gras, we have put together a few wonderful ideas for a Masquerade Ball themed wedding.  At some point in your life, you may have dreamed of attending a grand ball with glamorous dresses, wonderful food, dancing, and of course incredible romance.  A Masquerade Ball wedding could be the theme you are looking for if you want a formal affair that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

A grand ball gown for you, and Victorian-looking tux for your groom will get you on track to a perfectly planned Masquerade Wedding.  Should you choose to have your ceremony in a church, masks may not be appropriate for the ceremony, but you can opt for an extravagant hairpiece, maybe with a short veil or ostrich feathers.  Traditional colors for a Masquerade-themed event include rich hues like royal purples, reds, and greens accented by gold, silver, and black.  

Masquerade Wedding Inspiration
Masquerade Wedding Inspiration
Your guests will be thrilled to see the magical wedding you create.  You can find romantic and elegant hand-made masks through many sites.  (Helpful Hint: Check Etsy for some of these wonderful masks.)  Remember to stay true to your interests, and create the Masquerade Ball Wedding of your dreams!


  1. Ostrich feathers are the most elegant and luxurious feathers available. By using only one or two Ostrich feathers, you can change the entire look of anything, for example to adorn band hats, flapper headbands or as a single plume on a wedding pen.

  2. Where could I find invitations like those? I'm having a masquerade wedding reception next March and those would be perfect!

  3. Anne,
    We found the invitations here: http://allisonbarnhilldesigns.com/2011/03/fat-tuesday-invite/
    I hope this helps!


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