Mouthwatering Signature Wedding Cocktails

Mason Jar Wedding Cocktails via Green Wedding Shoes
Add a personal touch to your wedding reception by offering up a signature cocktail to your guests.  Deciding on the perfect signature drink for your reception may be as simple as matching colors or as involved as telling a story about how you met.  With the huge variety of drink options available, it's no secret that you are going to need to do a bit of research to really find the right cocktail for your wedding.  (But hey the taste testing makes it totally worth the research!).

To decide on the right cocktail, consider picking a drink that includes your favorite liquor, one that matches your color scheme, or one that simply just sounds delicious.  To add a personal touch, choose a drink that fits with your personality or tells a story about how you met.  Seasonal drinks are an easy way to impress too.  Spring or Summer wedding?  Think clean, crisp, and fresh drinks that have lime, lemon, or mango flavors.  Fall wedding?  Consider spiced apple cider.  Winter wedding?  Peppermint drinks, eggnog, and cinnamon spiced cocktails will appeal to the season.

For those looking to save a little money, skip the cocktails all together and offer an assortment of your favorite wine or beer as your signature drink.  You will save time and money by simply limiting the amount of ingredients.  For the less frugal bride and groom, consider offering two drinks instead of just one.  His and Her drinks are a great way to get the conversation flowing and make both genders equally happy.  Offer one drink that has a rougher edge like an Old-Fashioned or Manhattan for the men and another with a feminine appeal like a Cosmo or Sex on the Beach for the ladies.

NA Wedding?  Just because your wedding reception is alcohol free, doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun.  Simply turn your signature cocktail into a wine-free sangria or a pumped up punch full of fruit slices and berries.  Vintage coke bottles, personalized cups, striped straws, and other whimsical accessories are all great ways to jazz up NA drinks.

To help you with inspiration for your own signature concoction, we scoured Pinterest and came up with these mouthwatering cocktails and drink stations that we just love.  Cheers!

Signature Wedding Cocktails
Signature Wedding Cocktails
Signature Wedding Cocktails

Don't forget to name your signature cocktail.  After all, it's called signature for a reason.  Try out name generators like this one to take your wedding drink to the next level.  Still unsure what drink to serve, here is another great drink generator for never ending recipe ideas.

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