One of a Kind Unique Wedding Bands for Your Man

So you think you're the only one in the relationship who wants a fancy ring? Think again! Guys have their own unique style and personality, so should their wedding band! And you thought it was only the groom who had the pressure of picking out a perfect ring. With the extensive selection of wedding band styles and designs for men available these days, a girl can get a little confused. So here is a run-down of the finest and most fun ideas for unique wedding bands for your man!
Nature Inspired
Nature inspired wedding bands

Is your guy a nature fanatic or a fan of the outdoors? He may appreciate a natural, organic feel to his ring. Wedding bands with nature designs range from wheat patterned to wood grained! A textured pebble look creates a peaceful appearance as well. Nature inspired wedding bands aren't flashy and bright, they are understated and tasteful. If this sounds like your man check out the above ring designs from Rings Unique.
Tree Design
Tree design wedding bands

Tree design wedding bands are as unique as they come! Showcasing a design that is deep rooted with much meaning, the Tree of Life Designs featured above are everlasting symbols of love and family over the generations. The strong symbol embodies the virtues of strength and faith that are necessary in marriage. Rings Unique offers tree design wedding bands in both men's and women's styles.

Contemporary wedding bands
If your groom is a modern man who appreciates clean style and industrial design, then a contemporary wedding band is right up his ally. Contemporary wedding bands can be  smooth and polished or rough and rugged. This style of ring can have diamond settings or unique detailing. This is the type of ring for a real man's-man! The above rings are available through Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry.
Unique wedding bands

Unique wedding bands

If your fianc√© is not the average guy than he shouldn't be wearing just the average ring. For those men out there that appreciate a more quirky style, consider a super unique wedding band that is suited to his personality. The unique options for wedding bands out there are endless! Consider a ring crafted from the remains of a four billion year old iron-ore meteorite (the first ring pictured above)! The next ring shown above features bands of titanium surrounding a strip of exotic Koa wood from Hawaii. Choose a wedding band with distinctive coloring or structural design. Rings constructed of super unique materials will become a topic of conversation for your man. He will love to tell others about the extra special wedding band that his wife picked out for him.
The 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th rings can be found at Rings Unique. The 2nd Ring is from Hawaiian Koa Wood Rings. The 5th ring is from George Sawyer.

If you are unsure of which route to go regarding your groom-to-be's wedding band, go ahead and ask him! There is no reason why he shouldn't have a say in the matter. He will have to look at the ring every day of his life so it is best if he is fond of it! If you are already sure of your special one's style, go ahead and surprise him with a ring you picked out yourself!

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