Things We Love - Succulent Summer Wedding Flowers

Succulent and engagement ringSoft, supple and so sweet for a summer wedding, succulent flowers are one of the many things that we love! Recently we have noticed that these fleshy little beauties have found their way into wedding ceremonies and reception decor everywhere. The unexpected use of these non-traditional flowers makes for a striking and simply lovely look! While usually a soft green or gray shade of these plants are used to accent more traditional floral selections, these plants also come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. For all you nature conscious brides out there, these plants are known for their eco-friendly qualities. The plants are able to survive in very dry and arid climates and can survive on very little water. Because of their easy growth, usually no pesticides or chemicals are used. Also, the plants live nearly forever! Once succulents are cut for use in your bouquet and other wedding decor, they will last for weeks and can then be planted! These hearty flowers are perfect for summer weddings because they can withstand the heat of the day without wilting. Check out our inspiration board featuring gorgeous succulents paired with shades of green, cream and yellow.

Succulent wedding flowers

If you think you might be interested in incorporating succulent plants into your wedding theme check out these popular varieties: Aeonium, Graptoveria, Echeveria, Rosularia, Sempervivum.
Image Credits: Engagement ring and succulent from Green Wedding Shoes, Bride and groom, Boutonniere close up, Peony succulent bouquet, Bridesmaid bouquets, Imagine succulent wedding favors, Daisy and succulent centerpieces from Simply Bloom Photography, Chair and bouquet


  1. Wow! Those wedding flowers are unique. I like it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Are those Peonies used in the very middle picture? The are beautiful!

  3. Yes, we beleive those are double peonies. Very beautiful and elegant!


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