A Perfectly Preppy Bridal Shower Inspiration

Preppy, plaid bow shoesThe wedding plans are running along smoothly and your date is swiftly approaching. In the midst of all that excitement you get to take a little break and enjoy your bridal shower! This lovely event is a special way to celebrate the bride and not to mention a time for the bride to relax and enjoy friends and family. The bridal shower is a great opportunity to showcase a fun, light hearted party theme that didn't quite make the cut for your actual wedding. For all you girly-girls out there, a perfectly preppy bridal shower theme is right up your alley! When we say preppy, we're not talking about the girls from Clueless or the Plastics from Mean Girls. Okay, well maybe we're taking a cue from their style a little! When we think of preppy; classic, cute and casual come to mind! Combine that with all things pretty, pink and plaid and you have the perfect recipe for a memorable bridal shower.
Tell your shower guests that the dress code is cool and casual. Pretty plaid shirts, polos and gleaming pearls are fitting choices. Decorate the shower venue in shades of pink and green (the perfect preppy combo). Incorporate plaid and argyle patterns wherever you can. Serve girly pink drinks and classy little appetizers. We hope that you and your guests will love this fun, flirty bridal shower theme as much as we do!

How to Make Personalized Ribbon Wands

Ribbon Wand Send Off
Ribbon wand send offs are our favorite new way to celebrate the bride and groom at the end of their ceremony. Not only can the wands be kept as a memento after your big day, they also don't leave behind a mess that can harm the environment like rice or confetti can. We love this idea so much, we created a tutorial on how to make them yourself using our personalized ribbon!

Image Source: Southern Weddings

Ribbon Wand Tutorial
Ribbon Wand Materials
• 8 inch Cookie Sticks (We used Wilton)
• Eyelet Screws (19 mm)
• Pliers (optional)
• Personalized Ribbon
• Unprinted Satin Ribbon of Varied Colors and Widths
• Fabric Glue (clear drying)

Step 1:  Cut Your Ribbon

To get started, cut your ribbon to the desired length. The white ribbon shown above was printed continuously with the same message, while we had our blue ribbon printed favor style. This means that the bride and grooms names were printed at one end of a specified length and their wedding date was printed on the other end. This pattern is repeated along your spool of ribbon so you simply cut the ribbon between the lengths. When ordering favor style ribbon, you must specify the length for printing. We chose to have our ribbon printed in 30 inch lengths, but you can definitely make yours longer or shorter to suit you. We recommend following all of the steps to make one wand before cutting all of your ribbon, this way you can be sure you like the completed look.

Personalized Ribbon

TIP!  Create more finished edges for your ribbon by using very sharp scissors as well as treating each cut end of your ribbon with clear drying fabric glue to keep the ribbon from fraying.

Step 2: Attach Screw Eyes to Cookie Sticks

Each cookie stick will have 1 eyelet screw secured to the tip. The cookie sticks already have a small pin hole at the top, which is perfect for inserting your screw. Simply twist the screw with one hand, holding the stick steady with the other.  You may need to use pliers for this, depending on your finger strength.  Repeat this step to create the number of ribbon wands needed. If you have invited a lot of guests you may want to invite some friends over to help! Make sure everyone has super clean hands to keep the white paper sticks looking spotless!
Step 2: Ribbon Wand Tutorial - Attach Screw Eyes to Cookie Sticks

Step 3: Tie Ribbon Around Eye of the Attached Screw

Thread your ribbon through the eye of the screw attached at the end of one cookie stick. Bring each end of the ribbon together and match them up to find the center. Tie a strong knot here, securing it to the screw eye. Repeat this step as many times as you want. We chose to tie three lengths of ribbon onto each of our wands, which creates 6 ribbon ends streaming from the wand tip.

Step 3: Ribbon Wand Tutorial - Tie Ribbon Around Eye of Screw

TIP! We love the clean white look of the paper cookie sticks, but there are ways to dress it up. One way is to wrap washi tape (patterned tape) around the stick. You can also use a glue gun or two-sided tape and wrap the stick with ribbon. Get creative!

And now, you have beautiful personalized ribbon wands to hand out at your wedding. We took them out side and played with them in  the sun. The ribbons look so beautiful when the wind catches them. They will be a stunning addition to your send off. Ribbon wands are also great as children’s birthday party favors, for tucking into Easter Baskets, or a flame free substitute for sparklers on the Fourth of July! You can see the finished creation below!

Ribbon Wand Inspiration

Happy Crafting!

Garden Wedding Inspiration Board

Botanical Gardens at Smith College, Northampton, MA
If you are considering a garden wedding then you are in good company. Garden weddings are one of the hottest wedding trends among brides today. A garden wedding can be one of the most romantic settings you can have.  When creating a garden wedding use the garden as your d├ęcor. Less is more if you are surrounded by lovely flowers and landscaping. Sting twinkle lights through the trees to make the area even more dramatic and romantic. Here is a garden wedding inspiration board to provide you with not only inpiration by also a few tips for gardens weddings.

Tips for Garden Weddings Inspiration Board

When it comes to garden weddings you should keep it simple. Decorate the tables with simple flower arrangements. Pick up vintage or rustic looking bowls or candle holders from flea markets or antique stores to give your wedding that English garden feeling. Consider having your wedding programs printed on fans if it is going to be a warm day to help keep the guests cool.

Now get your creative juices flowing and get started planning the garden wedding of your dreams. Just remember to keep it personal and simple and you and your guests will never forget your perfect garden wedding. Good Luck!

Photo Credits:  Bride and Groom: allwomenstalk.com, Seating Chart: invitationcrush.com, Seating Arrangment and Cake Photos: weddingchicks.com, Flower Arrangement: ruffledblog.com and Just Married Sign: tyingtheknot.com

The Little Black Bridesmaids Dress

Black is the new black.  Okay okay, so bright and bold hues were forecasted to be this year's hottest trend but don't be fooled because the absence of color is definitely back full force.  This staple wardrobe color can be styled to be romantic, classic, modern, retro, or even boho.  And since black flatters any figure it only makes sense to don your leading ladies with a gorgeous little black number she will definitely wear again.  Pair your dresses with some strappy sandals or daring colored pumps for a splash of color.  Contrasting monochromatic bouquets also look stunning next to the dark backdrop created by a simple black gown.  For more daring brides, hand your girls a black color swatch with your dress length preference and let them pick their own gown.  Giving your girls the freedom to pick their own dress is the perfect way to get  a wedding day wardrobe that will be cohesive yet unique.  To help with your hunt for the perfect little black dress, here are a few of our favorite must-have frocks.
Classic Black Bridesmaids Dresses
Classic bridesmaids dresses have a simple and understated elegance to them.  From timeless  A-lines and simple sheaths to strapless floor length gowns, you can't go wrong with a classic little black dress. (Left to right: J.Crew, Jim Hjelm, J.Crew, Dessy)
Romantic Black Bridesmaids Dresses
For romantic brides, don't forget the girly trimmings.  Ruffles, bows, ribbons, and ornate lace detailing simply ooze romance.  To stay on trend and score one of this season's hottest looks, opt for a simple lace dress for your girls. (Left to right: Bardot, David's Bridal, Alexon, Dessy)

Boho Black Bridesmaids Dresses
Boho is for the bride who's looking for a laid-back, thrifty chic style.  Opt for a high-low dress for this season's trendsetting style.  For our Bohemian brides, we especially love TwoBirds Bridesmaids wrap dresses which can be wrapped in a million different ways to flatter each individual's figure. (Left to right: TwoBirds Bridesmaid, BCBG, ModCloth, Aidan Mattox)
Retro Black Bridesmaids Dresses
Retro dress styles will have your girls looking timeless while still keeping with your vintage aesthetic.  Cap sleeves, circle skirts, and pinups dresses are sure fire ways to get that vintage glam look.  Stay on trend by grabbing an illusion neckline dress.  Your ladies will love your high fashion pick. (Left to right: ModCloth, Asos, Stop Staring, Dessy)
Architectural Black Bridesmaids Dresses
Modern brides will love these architectural little numbers.  It's all about volume and structure with these modern frocks.  For daring brides, channel Carrie Bradshaw and throw in a structural headpiece for a touch of avant-garde styling.  For this season's must-have look, opt for a trendy peplum dress. (Left to right: Calvin Klein, Alexon, Vera Wang, Vivienne Westwood)

Pretty Picnic Wedding ~ A Red Picnic Wedding Themed Inspiration Board

Cherry Pie
With the lovely weather lately, we can’t help but daydream of a blanket spread on the grass, and the sun shining down on a perfect picnic.  For the laid-back or outdoor-loving couple, a picnic themed wedding may be just the thing.  Your picnic wedding could be as fancy or relaxed as you want.  We love bold, bright reds paired with hay bale seating or elegant round tables.  Use plain red or patterned tablecloths, and simple flower arrangements. Keep your guests satisfied with signature red cocktails and strawberry shortcake in red-and-white checkered paper cartons.  When it comes time to eat, each guest can choose an adorable boxed meal with a menu printed on a sticker on the front of the box.  

For these and more picnic wedding themed ideas, follow our Picnic Weddings Board on Pinterest.

Picnic Wedding Inspiration Board
Picnic Wedding Inspiration Board

Love is in the Air - Hot Air Balloon Themed Wedding

Hot Air Balloon Invitations There would be nothing lovelier than saying "I do" in a brightly colored hot air balloon as you and your love float along on a warm spring day. This sweet little daydream is the inspiration behind our newest wedding collage. We love the way the sunlight streams through the balloon silk,  subduing the bright colors and softening them into a dreamy pastel color palette. Streamers of ribbon that catch any passing breeze and vintage style stationary complete the look. Enjoy!
Hot Air Balloon Inspiration Board
Hot Air Balloon Inspiration Board
Photo Credits: Invitations via Invitation Crush, Hot Air Balloon Photo Shoot by Jose Villa, Table Numbers from Sunshine and Ravioli on Etsy, Earrings from Elaina Louise Studios on Etsy, Boutonniere and Ribbon Chair Swag via Southern Weddings, Balloon Centerpieces from Love and Lavender, Save the Dates from Eden Wedding Studio on Etsy, Locket from Sora Designs on Etsy.

How to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

In Loving Memory 11 x 4 Personalized Glass Memorial Candle Holder

There are few things in your life that are as important to you as your wedding day.  Not having a loved one there to share it with can be a difficult experience. But just because they are no longer with us does not mean that they don’t need to be included in your special day. After all they will always be alive in your heart.  Here are a few ways to honor the special people in your life that have passed on and cannot be a part of your wedding celebration.

Personalized 8 x 10 Forever Memorial Picture Frame
Using a memorial candle during the wedding ceremony is one of the most popular ways for the wedding couple to honor the loved ones that they have lost. Most memorial candles or candle holders can be personalized to add a name of several names. During the ceremony you can have the minister or officiant add a moment when you recognize those that cannot be present with the lighting of the candle. Another way to use the candle would be during the reception. Have the candle placed on a special memorial table where you can include a photo or several photos of the lost loved ones you are honoring.

Wedding Donation Cards
One of my personal favorites is to make a donation in honor of your lost loved ones in lieu of favors. For my daughter’s wedding we made a donation to the American Cancer Society due to the family members we had lost to cancer. We had cards placed on each table to explain this memorial to each of our guests. This is a wonderful way to honor people you have lost and to also help a charity that is close to your heart.

Wedding Program, In Memory Section

Another popular way to honor your loved ones is to include an ‘In Memory’ section in your wedding programs. This idea also allows you to give a little more detail to your guests, such as adding 'mother of the bride' and so on. You may also want to add a prayer or moment of silence to the wedding ceremony and include this in the wedding program so that your family and friends will be included in your special wedding memorial.

Wedding Bouquet Photo Buckle Memory Charm

Take your loved ones with you on your wedding day with a memento or photo. Add a photo of someone to your wedding bouquet using a bouquet photo buckle memory charm.  Many brides choose to carry a lost loved ones handkerchief or wear a piece of their jewelry to keep them close to them for the entire day. This can work for the groom as well if he has a special memento that he can carry in his pocket.

No matter how you decide to honor your lost loved ones during your wedding ceremony, the most important thing to remember is that there is no wrong way to honor someone you love. Create a special memorial in the way you feel will honor your loved ones that have passed the best. Good Luck!

Curled, Twirled, Twisted and Tousled Hairstyles for the Whole Wedding Party

Short bridal hairstyleWedding day magic doesn't stop with the perfect dress and accessories, a bride and her maids are not aisle ready until they are sporting a fabulous wedding day hairstyle! Whether your hair is short and sassy or long and luxurious, there is a style to complement your look. No longer are the days when cookie cutter (traditional) bridal hairstyles are the only option. Brides are showcasing their style and personality by wearing their hair in new and inventive ways. Extravagant twists and braided masterpieces are all the rage while simple tousled locks are also making a big impact. Tailor your hairstyle to your wedding dress, venue and formalness of your event.

Loose, tousled locks are perfect for a casual beachside ceremony, while curled creations are perfect for a formal setting. Dress up your 'do' with special accessories like jeweled headbands and feather and rosette fascinators. Your accessories can really showcase your personal style and add a special touch to the look. When choosing hairstyles for your whole wedding party it is important to picture the overall look to your group. You don't want one of the bridesmaids standing out with a completely different look than the others and you want to make sure that the bride's hairstyle is the star of the show. The girls can have different looks for sure, just maybe give some parameters like, everyone wears some sort of updo of their choosing or they can wear the same type of hair accessories to help create a cohesive look. Take a look at our collection of gorgeous hairstyles to inspire your wedding day look. Start collecting pictures of styles you like. It will be easiest to bring a picture of your desired look to your stylist for them to re-create.
 Bridal updo hairstyles
Wedding day hairstyles for long hair
Keep the inspiration going and take a look at our collection of fun, flirty and completely romantic wedding day hair accessories to add wow to your big day look!

Seafoam and Coral - A Wedding Color Story

Seafoam and Coral Wedding Inspiraton Board
Today's wedding inspiration board features a color palette that we think is utterly perfect for a summer wedding.  Refreshing seafoam paired with the contrast of invigorating coral.  (Cue, Sigh)  It makes me wish for salty ocean water and a sunkissed tan.

Something about this color combo beckons for a day at the Hamptons. It's so clean and modern yet classic at the same time.  To pull this look off, simply ground the two colors with a warm tone of taupe, gold, or brown to bring in a bit of warmth.  Don't you just love the pop of purple in dining room centerpieces?  Simply gorgeous.
Seafoam and Coral Wedding Inspiraton Board
Seafoam and Coral Wedding Inspiraton Board

A Short Story: Sweet Ideas for Short Summer Wedding Dresses

Bride with short wedding dressThere once was a bride who was looking for something unique. She thought only long dresses could be sweet. Her summer wedding would be just too hot, to dress from head to toe in such a lot! But alas she was mistaken! For she discovered a whole world full of romantic bridal gowns that let the breeze flow! At or below the knee or skimming the ankle, short informal summer wedding dresses are readily available. Whether your style is edgy or antique, sweet or sassy, dressing for your summer wedding can be easy and classy! Check out our latest inspiration board featuring summer wedding dress ideas that are perfect for warm weather and wedding day bliss!
Short and sweet wedding dress styles from Ivy and Aster
Short and edgy wedding dress styles
Short wedding dresses for summer
Wear a short wedding gown for your whole wedding day or consider changing into one for just the reception. A short wedding dress will add a fun and flirty touch to your big day and not to mention keep you cool and comfortable!

Image Credits: Short dress main image from: Diana Marie Photography, Short & Sweet Dresses: from Ivy and Aster, Short & Edgy Dresses: Bride in red shoes dress from The Harrogate Wedding Lounge, Black and white dress photo, Bride with Blue Car, Sassy Wedding Dress from Stephanie James Couture, Fence and ferns bride from Scott Stater Photography, Barn bride and groom from Diana Marie Photography

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