Backyard Wedding Ideas Inspiration Board

Most people think that the best thing about a backyard wedding is the price. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The best things about a backyard wedding are; the intimacy, the gorgeous decorations, the fun and the food. When planning your backyard wedding consider using rustic decoration and signs to greet your family and friends as they arrive. Use the outdoors to create your backdrop for the ceremony. What is more beautiful than Mother Nature herself? Fill mason jars or vintage watering cans with wild flowers or loose bouquets to create stunning center pieces for your reception tables. Serve a buffet style meal with all the fixings and fresh lemonade and ice tea to cool your guest down on a hot summer day. Of course don't forget about dessert. Homemade cakes and cupcakes would make the perfect dessert for your guest and be the most fitting for your fabulous backyard wedding.

 Photo Credits: The Wedding of my Dream Blog,, modern keepsake and The Natural Wedding Company.

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