DIY Keepsakes Featuring Your Wedding Song

First dance wedding coupleThe first dance at your wedding is a special part of your big day. Whether it was picked out days before your wedding or early on in your relationship, this song is significant. Whenever you hear your song played on the radio or you find yourself humming the lyrics, you will think back to that romantic first dance on your wedding day. This song holds a special place in most couple's hearts and there are ways for you to create a memorable keepsake that showcases it.

After the wedding day you can make a soundtrack to your wedding that includes your first dance song. While this is always nice, it's not exactly original and there are only so many times that you will listen to it. Why not take your wedding song and turn it into a piece of art or decoration that you can use in your home and look at every day!

Song lyric decorative pillowFrom the Wit and Whistle Blog comes this uniquely adorable idea for a decorative pillow that features song lyrics or a special quote. We suggest highlighting some of the most important words from your wedding song on this quaint and comfortable piece. Read through the words to your song and pick the chorus or certain lines from the song that mean the most to you and your honey. This project is totally DIY and quite inexpensive to execute. All you need is a premade pillowcase (or you can easily make your own). Grab a ruler, pencil, letter stencil and fabric marker and you are all set to create this one of a kind piece. You can use the ruler to lightly pencil straight lines across your pillow (make sure to test a scrap of fabric first to see if pencil will erase on it). Then use your stencil to pencil in the lyrics. Remove the stencil and use the fabric marker to fill in the letter outlines. Choose any color you like for the wording but black is always a safe choice and really gives off a crisp professional look. Check out the step by step instructions for this pillow project at the Wit and Whistle Blog.

Wedding song framed artworkOur second keepsake idea comes from The Scout & Nimble Blog. While our first keepsake showcased the lyrics to your wedding song, this stunning piece displays the musical notation. There is something about the way that musical notes float across a page that make them a work of art all in themselves. This majestic piece will look lovely displayed in your home and makes for a great conversation piece when guests are over. For this easy project all you will need to do is locate the sheet music for your song. If you don't already have it you can order it online or even print the sheet music form certain websites at home. Follow the instructions at Scout & Nimble for directions on how to piece your music sheets together to form a piece large enough to frame. You can also take your sheet music to a printer and have them enlarge it to the desired size you want. You can distress the printed sheet to give it an aged or antique look if desired. Then find the perfect frame and you are finished! This sentimental work of art will hang in your home for many years to come!

These wonderful keepsake ideas would make the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your spouse (and yourself).

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